aer-lingus-plane-aborts-landing-at-the-last-second-at-manchester-airport 00:36

Aer Lingus plane aborts landing at the last s...

3 years ago     140 Views    
florida-cop-shot-dead-beloved-dog-duchess-in-front-of-her-owner 00:36

Florida cop shot dead beloved dog Duchess in ...

3 years ago     126 Views    
nepal-earthquake-sees-building-collapses-onto-motorists 01:45

Nepal earthquake sees building collapses onto...

3 years ago     280 Views    
judd-trump-shots-vs-stuart-bingham-world-snooker-2015 03:05

Judd Trump Shots vs Stuart Bingham World Snoo...

3 years ago     4,839 Views    
ronnie-o-sullivan-hit-his-cue-with-the-table-wsc-2015 00:48

Ronnie O'Sullivan hit his Cue with the table ...

3 years ago     821 Views    
ronnie-o-sullivan-12th-maximum-147-final-frame-final-welsh-open-2014-full-hd-youtube 08:23

Ronnie O'Sullivan 12th MAXIMUM 147 Final Fram...

3 years ago     1,191 Views    
aventador-crash-moment-of-impact 01:31

Aventador Crash - Moment of Impact

4 years ago     40,484 Views    
how-to-quickly-multiply-two-numbers-with-2-digits 04:38

How to quickly multiply two numbers with 2 di...

5 years ago     185 Views    
real-life-stages-owl 04:21

Real life stages owl

5 years ago     75 Views    
crane-accidents-caught-on-tape-2014-fail 01:05

Crane accidents caught on tape 2014 Fail

5 years ago     5,273 Views    
100-foot-cliff-jumping-accident-in-front-of-bikini-girls-devils-punchbowl 00:54

100 foot Cliff Jumping Accident in front of B...

5 years ago     838 Views    
drift-level-pakistan 00:17

Drift LEVEL Pakistan

5 years ago     513 Views    
how-to-make-sounds-for-horror-movies 01:25

How to make sounds for horror movies

5 years ago     1,113 Views    
model-runway-fail-and-disappearing-act 01:36

Model Runway Fail and Disappearing Act

5 years ago     69 Views    
candle-shots-challenge-for-idiots 04:37

Candle Shots - Challenge for idiots

5 years ago     313 Views    
ronnie-o-sullivan-and-a-maximum-of-147-points 08:23

Ronnie O'Sullivan and a maximum of 147 points

5 years ago     2,021 Views    
snake-eats-crocodile-after-epic-fight-in-queensland-hd 00:47

Snake eats crocodile after epic fight in Quee...

5 years ago     6,890 Views    
girl-getting-stuck-in-a-balloon 04:48

Girl Getting Stuck In A Balloon

5 years ago     1,857 Views    
how-to-open-a-bag-of-chips-in-the-japanese-style 00:29

How to open a bag of chips in the Japanese style

5 years ago     393 Views    
the-technical-boxer-ever-seen-in-the-ring 01:56

The technical boxer ever seen in the ring

5 years ago     165 Views    


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