orrisa-girl-marries-snake-god 00:20

Orrisa girl marries Snake God

2 years ago     5,607 Views    
dead-man-alive-before-funeral-in-sialkot 01:18

Dead man Alive before Funeral in Sialkot

2 years ago     86,559 Views    
date-caught-in-fields 02:14

Date caught in fields

2 years ago     44,201 Views    
indian-people-tease-woman-stuck-in-concrete-at-road 01:31

Indian People tease woman stuck in concrete a...

3 years ago     384,530 Views    
people-who-survived-the-impossible 05:21

People Who Survived The Impossible

3 years ago     3,637 Views    
deadly-snake-fight 02:34

Deadly Snake Fight!

3 years ago     12,479 Views    
real-reason-of-earthquake-in-pakistan 00:31

Real Reason of EarthQuake in Pakistan

3 years ago     909 Views    
air-crash-that-makes-you-speechless 02:31

Air crash that makes you speechless

3 years ago     19,888 Views    
dr-shahid-masood-has-exposed-biggest-plan-against-imran-khan 00:27

Dr Shahid Masood Has Exposed Biggest Plan Aga...

3 years ago     211 Views    
woman-harassed-by-saudi-religious-police-over-her-make-up 00:19

Woman harassed by Saudi religious police over...

3 years ago     41,626 Views    
most-clever-woman-on-planet-earth 02:04

Most Clever woman on planet earth

3 years ago     23,841 Views    
why-reham-khan-used-to-fight-at-3-am-with-imran-khan 00:59

Why Reham Khan Used to Fight at 3 AM With Imr...

3 years ago     40,359 Views    
pakistani-party-in-uk 01:47

Pakistani Party in UK

3 years ago     16,029 Views    
russian-plane-crash-was-not-caused-by-a-fault-as-evidence-points-at-a-bomb 02:27

Russian plane crash was NOT caused by a fault...

3 years ago     5,084 Views    
young-friend-dies-while-doing-train-stunts-in-mumbai 01:41

Young friend dies while doing train stunts in...

3 years ago     16,897 Views    
bollywood-actress-shweta-basu-prasad-arreste 01:19

Bollywood actress Shweta Basu Prasad ARRESTE

3 years ago     27,344 Views    
pashtuns-making-fun-of-arab-man-in-park 00:12

Pashtuns making Fun of Arab man in Park

3 years ago     14,929 Views    
married-girl-become-a-boy-miracle-of-allah 09:00

Married Girl Become a Boy) Miracle of Allah

3 years ago     11,516 Views    
a-daring-act-of-kashmiris 00:34

A Daring act of Kashmiris

3 years ago     17,101 Views    
sania-mirza-air-india-tv-ad-promoting-india 00:40

Sania Mirza Air India Tv Ad Promoting India

3 years ago     7,854 Views    


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