natasha-jen-design-thinking-is-bullshit 13:27

Natasha Jen: Design Thinking is Bullshit

1 year ago     0 Views    
99u-conference-2016-intro-reel 02:19

99U Conference 2016 Intro Reel

2 years ago     1,114 Views    
jason-fried-make-creative-destruction-a-regular-part-of-your-routine 20:28

Jason Fried: Make “Creative Destruction” a Re...

2 years ago     3,928 Views    
tristan-walker-don-t-overthink-your-world-changing-idea 23:45

Tristan Walker: Don’t Overthink Your World-Ch...

2 years ago     2,858 Views    
william-deresiewicz-the-new-age-of-creativity 22:14

William Deresiewicz: The New Age of Creativity

2 years ago     235 Views    
yuko-shimizo-we-can-t-win-everything-but-we-can-help-each-other 21:43

Yuko Shimizo: We Can't Win Everything, But We...

2 years ago     6,223 Views    
dan-mall-replacing-the-internship-with-apprenticeship 23:12

Dan Mall: Replacing the Internship with Appre...

2 years ago     3,178 Views    
cap-watkins-treat-your-life-like-a-user-experience-problem 19:55

Cap Watkins: Treat Your Life Like a User Expe...

2 years ago     3,079 Views    
jennifer-daniel-stop-trying-to-design-everything 24:59

Jennifer Daniel: Stop Trying to Design Everyt...

2 years ago     5,400 Views    
kristy-tillman-inviting-yourself-to-the-table 13:12

Kristy Tillman: Inviting Yourself to the Table

2 years ago     3,828 Views    
effie-brown-identity-crisis-what-does-it-mean-to-be-a-leader 23:44

Effie Brown: Identity Crisis - What Does It M...

2 years ago     2,611 Views    
tobias-frere-jones-break-things-deliberatly 21:45

Tobias Frere-Jones: Break Things Deliberatly

2 years ago     3,090 Views    
ryan-carson-begin-with-the-end-in-mind 20:08

Ryan Carson: Begin With the End In Mind

2 years ago     5,660 Views    
rob-forbes-how-i-survived-my-worst-failure 18:34

Rob Forbes: How I Survived My Worst Failure

3 years ago     4,387 Views    
kelly-mcgonigal-how-to-turn-stress-into-an-advantage 24:14

Kelly McGonigal: How to Turn Stress Into an A...

3 years ago     15,888 Views    
franklin-leonard-the-realist-s-guide-to-changing-the-world 14:19

Franklin Leonard: The Realist's Guide To Chan...

3 years ago     7,009 Views    
christoph-niemann-how-to-overcome-the-3-fears-every-creative-faces 20:01

Christoph Niemann: How to Overcome the 3 Fear...

3 years ago     43,107 Views    
casey-gerald-don-t-wait-for-permission 19:29

Casey Gerald: Don’t Wait for Permission

3 years ago     8,396 Views    
rochelle-king-your-biggest-rival-is-your-best-asset 20:04

Rochelle King: Your Biggest Rival is Your Bes...

3 years ago     3,673 Views    
kelly-sue-deconnick-make-them-uncomfortable 20:00

Kelly Sue DeConnick: Make Them Uncomfortable

3 years ago     11,377 Views    


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