starting-a-new-one-acre-pond-job 16:56

Starting A New One Acre Pond Job

1 day ago     33,015 Views    
new-driveway-installation 18:37

New Driveway Installation

3 days ago     30,004 Views    
we-burned-a-lot 17:14

We Burned A Lot!

5 days ago     40,183 Views    
night-time-fire-and-more-repairs 20:39

Night Time Fire And More Repairs

6 days ago     45,942 Views    
one-huge-fire 18:09

One Huge Fire!

1 week ago     23,801 Views    
no-parts-fell-of-the-excavator-today 16:17

No Parts Fell Of The Excavator Today!

1 week ago     47,045 Views    
unloading-a-65-year-old-backhoe-with-jason 24:49

Unloading A 65 Year Old Backhoe With Jason

1 week ago     20,587 Views    
zach-comes-and-helps 20:34

Zach Comes And Helps

2 weeks ago     51,310 Views    
working-at-the-lake 24:15

Working At The Lake!

2 weeks ago     35,923 Views    
new-hitachi-zw150-wheel-loader 31:39

New Hitachi ZW150 Wheel Loader

2 weeks ago     41,550 Views    
hitachi-is-off-to-a-big-clearing-job 21:24

Hitachi Is Off To A Big Clearing Job!

2 weeks ago     50,136 Views    
jobs-done-and-a-oil-line-repair 21:31

Jobs Done And A Oil Line Repair

2 weeks ago     33,623 Views    
hand-cutting-trees-over-a-fiber-optic-line 16:47

Hand Cutting Trees Over A Fiber Optic Line

2 weeks ago     37,020 Views    
starting-a-big-site-project 17:59

Starting A Big Site Project

2 weeks ago     29,953 Views    
spreading-1000-tons-of-stone-today 19:38

Spreading 1000 Tons Of Stone Today

3 weeks ago     45,433 Views    
justin-comes-to-help 10:05

Justin Comes To Help

3 weeks ago     24,313 Views    
new-1000-ft-driveway-install 28:04

New 1000 FT Driveway Install

3 weeks ago     24,846 Views    
big-house-lot-is-done 15:22

Big House Lot Is Done!

4 weeks ago     26,382 Views    
how-far-will-the-big-tree-go 20:31

How Far Will The Big Tree Go?

1 month ago     35,216 Views    
friday-evening-clearing 30:38

Friday Evening Clearing

1 month ago     32,914 Views    


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