elite-earthworks-comes-to-visit 13:24

Elite Earthworks Comes To Visit

4 months ago     18,522 Views    
house-lot-is-finished 15:55

House Lot Is Finished

4 months ago     31,757 Views    
starting-a-house-lot-clearing 23:42

Starting A House Lot Clearing

5 months ago     37,564 Views    
taking-the-hitachi-to-the-sawmill 17:45

Taking The Hitachi To The Sawmill

5 months ago     41,313 Views    
deep-dredging-with-the-flu 27:14

Deep Dredging With The Flu

5 months ago     37,243 Views    
venturing-out-across-the-pond 28:31

Venturing Out Across The Pond

5 months ago     42,476 Views    
taking-the-long-reach-in-the-pond 34:16

Taking The Long Reach In The Pond!

5 months ago     20,240 Views    
loading-up-a-new-cat-320gc-excavator 12:05

Loading Up A New Cat 320GC Excavator

5 months ago     90,804 Views    
the-long-reach-has-arrived 47:31

The Long Reach Has Arrived!

5 months ago     63,615 Views    
new-pond-and-shooting-range-done 34:00

New Pond And Shooting Range Done!

5 months ago     26,659 Views    
700-yards-of-mulch-to-spread 26:40

700 Yards Of Mulch To Spread

5 months ago     39,011 Views    
finish-grading-and-strawing-around-the-pond 19:56

Finish Grading And Strawing Around The Pond

5 months ago     32,670 Views    
time-to-make-it-pretty 33:21

Time To Make It Pretty

5 months ago     36,963 Views    
now-that-a-nice-4-in-1-bucket 15:26

Now That A Nice 4 In 1 Bucket!

5 months ago     34,107 Views    
lets-lay-some-drain-pipe 35:14

Lets Lay Some Drain Pipe!

5 months ago     17,283 Views    
last-day-digging-the-pond 20:39

Last Day Digging The Pond!

5 months ago     31,315 Views    
grading-the-rifle-range 28:42

Grading The Rifle Range

5 months ago     35,387 Views    
cleanup-and-rough-grading-the-rifle-range 23:27

Cleanup And Rough Grading The Rifle Range

5 months ago     51,313 Views    
a-little-ditch-grading 27:11

A Little Ditch Grading

5 months ago     54,752 Views    
starting-a-big-new-project 16:39

Starting A Big New Project!

5 months ago     37,756 Views    


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