Adam Saleh Vlogs

why-my-mom-left-my-dad-caught-on-camera 12:00

Why My Mom Left My Dad!! *CAUGHT ON CAMERA*

1 day ago     100,962 Views    
my-mom-and-dad-broke-up-not-clickbait 10:10

My Mom And Dad Broke Up.. *not clickbait*

2 days ago     176,182 Views    
kids-get-in-trouble-for-using-my-credit-card 13:43

Kids Get In TROUBLE For Using My Credit Card!!

5 days ago     160,566 Views    
my-friend-got-hit-by-a-car 11:01

My Friend Got Hit By A Car

1 week ago     70,152 Views    
my-family-watches-me-train-for-my-boxing-fight 10:20

My Family Watches Me Train For My Boxing Fight!!

1 week ago     36,424 Views    
their-first-day-of-school-together-she-protected-him 10:55

Their First Day Of School Together.. (SHE PRO...

1 week ago     32,008 Views    
lost-engagement-ring-prank-he-freaked-out 11:31

Lost Engagement Ring Prank!! *HE FREAKED OUT*

1 week ago     43,570 Views    
stopping-homeless-men-from-fighting 11:45

Stopping Homeless Men From Fighting..

1 week ago     94,517 Views    
are-you-a-model-trying-to-guess-strangers-jobs 10:11

ARE YOU A MODEL? (Trying To Guess Strangers J...

2 weeks ago     100,378 Views    
fake-ice-cream-prank-backfired-shaving-cream 19:37

Fake Ice Cream Prank BACKFIRED!!! (SHAVING CR...

2 weeks ago     148,538 Views    
this-family-must-be-stopped-you-won-t-believe-what-they-did 10:16

This Family Must Be Stopped! (YOU WON'T BELIE...

2 weeks ago     210,722 Views    
my-boxing-opponents-message-to-me-can-t-believe-he-said-this 10:46

My Boxing Opponents Message To Me!!! (CAN'T B...

2 weeks ago     61,496 Views    
my-best-friend-got-engaged-biggest-surprise-ever 11:37

My Best Friend Got Engaged!!!! (BIGGEST SURPR...

2 weeks ago     93,560 Views    
visiting-the-real-full-house-i-found-it 11:22

Visiting The Real FULL HOUSE.. (I FOUND IT)

3 weeks ago     46,336 Views    
she-spoke-to-me-in-arabic-تكلمت-بالعربية 10:32

She Spoke To Me In Arabic | تكلمت بالعربية

3 weeks ago     56,346 Views    
reema-reacts-to-my-sister-sara-saleh-shocking-reaction 12:05

Reema Reacts To My Sister | Sara Saleh!! (SHO...

3 weeks ago     62,524 Views    
meet-my-sister-sara-saleh 13:09

Meet My Sister | Sara Saleh

3 weeks ago     109,566 Views    
am-i-still-friends-with-fouseytube-the-truth 10:34

Am I Still Friends With Fouseytube? *THE TRUTH*

3 weeks ago     141,365 Views    
he-ran-away-from-home-fake-person-in-bed 10:38

He Ran Away From Home.. (FAKE PERSON IN BED)

3 weeks ago     61,120 Views    
i-told-my-arab-dad-on-him-i-snitched 11:32

I Told My Arab Dad On Him.. (I SNITCHED)

4 weeks ago     64,064 Views    


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