Sargon of Akkad

chelsea-clinton-gets-red-pilled 17:09

Chelsea Clinton Gets Red Pilled

4 days ago     118,160 Views    
the-brexit-betrayal-rally 30:12

The Brexit Betrayal Rally

6 days ago     24,318 Views    
keep-calm 10:52

Keep Calm

1 week ago     59,990 Views    
brexit-has-been-betrayed 11:24

Brexit Has Been Betrayed

1 week ago     184,579 Views    
facebook-s-memory-hole 05:15

Facebook's Memory Hole

1 week ago     66,941 Views    
then-they-came-for-sebastian-walsh 09:45

Then They Came For Sebastian Walsh

2 weeks ago     182,853 Views    
when-in-doubt-just-lie 11:31

When In Doubt, Just lie

2 weeks ago     166,125 Views    
stay-out-of-africa-whitey 15:49

Stay Out of Africa, Whitey

3 weeks ago     254,214 Views    
then-they-came-for-tommy-robinson 10:38

Then They Came For Tommy Robinson

3 weeks ago     239,424 Views    
anita-sarkeesian-and-the-people-who-like-her 39:37

Anita Sarkeesian and the People Who Like Her

3 weeks ago     128,666 Views    
pedogeddon 12:36


3 weeks ago     137,325 Views    
re-wisecrack-s-starship-troopers-how-to-make-fascism-sexy 34:46

RE: Wisecrack's Starship Troopers: How to Mak...

1 month ago     83,070 Views    
i-am-jack-s-nervous-smile-patreonpurge-10 14:14

I Am Jack's Nervous Smile (#PatreonPurge 10)

1 month ago     93,700 Views    
britain-s-political-police 17:07

Britain's Political Police

1 month ago     172,499 Views    
commentary-on-the-joe-rogan-jack-dorsey-podcast 24:11

Commentary on the Joe Rogan/Jack Dorsey Podcast

1 month ago     161,334 Views    
the-ftc-complaint-patreonpurge-9 25:10

The FTC Complaint (#PatreonPurge 9)

1 month ago     56,327 Views    
the-right-to-use-social-media 07:21

The Right to Use Social Media

1 month ago     163,986 Views    
the-return-of-subscribestar-patreonpurge-8 11:56

The Return of Subscribestar (#PatreonPurge 8)

1 month ago     99,177 Views    
the-best-men-can-be-an-autopsy 15:41

The Best Men Can Be: An Autopsy

2 months ago     131,519 Views    
a-discussion-with-an-anti-racism-activist 32:08

A Discussion with an Anti-Racism Activist

2 months ago     120,803 Views    


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