r-pettyrevenge-my-teacher-banned-bathroom-breaks-so-i-farted-at-her 18:15

r/Pettyrevenge My Teacher Banned Bathroom Bre...

1 day ago     280,388 Views    
r-entitledkids-buy-me-toys-right-now 14:12

r/Entitledkids BUY ME TOYS RIGHT NOW!!!

2 days ago     71,952 Views    
r-maliciouscompliance-i-played-a-reverse-uno-and-fired-my-boss 19:07

r/Maliciouscompliance I Played a Reverse Uno ...

3 days ago     222,644 Views    
r-choosingbeggars-i-will-buy-your-new-mac-book-pro-for-0 18:02

r/Choosingbeggars "I WIll Buy Your New Mac Bo...

5 days ago     277,147 Views    
r-entitledparents-this-entitled-mother-bosses-around-a-cop 17:56

r/Entitledparents This Entitled Mother Bosses...

6 days ago     294,305 Views    
r-prorevenge-you-re-fired-no-u 20:46

r/Prorevenge "YOU'RE FIRED!" "No... U!"

1 week ago     236,666 Views    
r-talesfromtechsupport-my-wifi-is-low-refill-it 15:39

r/Talesfromtechsupport My WiFi is Low... REFI...

1 week ago     247,205 Views    
r-iamverybadass-bark-snarl-growl 13:14

r/Iamverybadass *BARK* *SNARL* *GROWL*

1 week ago     239,125 Views    
r-creepypms-hello-i-want-to-buy-your-baby 16:48

r/Creepypms "Hello, I want to buy your baby"

1 week ago     144,568 Views    
r-niceguys-vs-r-nicegirls-why-won-t-you-date-me 20:49

r/Niceguys VS r/Nicegirls WHY WON'T YOU DATE ...

1 week ago     66,499 Views    
r-entitledkids-dear-santa-i-hope-you-die-you-fatty 15:49

r/Entitledkids "DEAR SANTA, I HOPE YOU DIE YO...

1 week ago     230,511 Views    
r-choosingbeggars-buy-my-kids-presents-now 17:18

r/Choosingbeggars BUY MY KIDS PRESENTS! NOW!

2 weeks ago     94,602 Views    
r-entitledparents-my-son-deserves-your-switch 18:49


2 weeks ago     189,548 Views    
r-prorevenge-i-caught-him-embezzling-15-000 24:14

r/Prorevenge I Caught Him Embezzling $15,000!

2 weeks ago     156,718 Views    
r-idontworkherelady-i-ll-have-you-fired-and-arrested 16:44

r/Idontworkherelady "I'LL HAVE YOU FIRED AND ...

2 weeks ago     236,459 Views    
r-amithea-hole-for-flashing-my-roommate-s-girlfriend 15:11

r/AmITheA**hole For Flashing My Roommate's Gi...

2 weeks ago     43,335 Views    
r-choosingbeggars-draw-me-for-free-lol-ok 17:42

r/Choosingbeggars "DRAW ME FOR FREE!" lol ok

2 weeks ago     65,701 Views    
r-entitledparents-a-crazy-entitled-mother-rips-off-my-prosthetic-arm 17:56

r/Entitledparents A Crazy Entitled Mother Rip...

3 weeks ago     231,495 Views    
r-prorevenge-this-professor-has-a-genius-plan-to-catch-cheating-students 17:47

r/Prorevenge This Professor Has a Genius Plan...

3 weeks ago     214,468 Views    
r-pettyrevenge-vengeance-is-mine 17:49

r/Pettyrevenge VENGEANCE IS MINE!

3 weeks ago     72,147 Views    


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