r-tifu-i-burned-my-butt-with-a-hair-dryer 16:27

r/Tifu I Burned My Butt with a Hair Dryer

17 hours ago     97,258 Views    
r-insaneparents-my-kids-want-you-to-pay-for-my-boob-job 16:02

r/Insaneparents "My Kids Want You to Pay For ...

1 day ago     96,666 Views    
r-amithea-hole-i-catfished-my-sister-on-tinder 18:09


2 days ago     81,692 Views    
r-prorevenge-tricked-into-eating-ghost-chili-peppers 17:26

r/Prorevenge Tricked Into Eating GHOST CHILI ...

3 days ago     109,479 Views    
r-maliciouscompliance-do-what-i-say-lol-ok 16:49

r/Maliciouscompliance "DO WHAT I SAY!" "lol ok"

4 days ago     109,179 Views    
r-choosingbeggars-buy-my-groceries-you-f 14:46

r/Choosingbeggars "BUY MY GROCERIES YOU F*****!"

5 days ago     108,562 Views    
r-entitledparents-smug-mother-poisons-her-own-child 15:44

r/Entitledparents Smug Mother Poisons Her Own...

6 days ago     117,547 Views    
r-prorevenge-i-revealed-my-entitled-aunt-s-illegal-scam 18:35

r/Prorevenge I Revealed My Entitled Aunt's Il...

1 week ago     240,854 Views    
r-choosingbeggars-moron-tries-to-scam-cop 17:38

r/Choosingbeggars Moron Tries to SCAM COP!

1 week ago     106,419 Views    
r-idontworkherelady-confronted-customer-has-total-meltdown 17:39

r/Idontworkherelady Confronted Customer Has T...

1 week ago     351,888 Views    
r-murderedbywords-i-hate-cheaters-but-you-cheated 16:40

r/Murderedbywords "I HATE CHEATERS!" "But you...

1 week ago     106,512 Views    
r-tifu-i-was-abandoned-in-the-arizona-desert 15:41

r/Tifu I Was Abandoned in the Arizona Desert

1 week ago     64,721 Views    
r-nuclearrevenge-i-broke-my-bones-to-destroy-a-man-s-life 19:27

r/Nuclearrevenge I Broke My Bones to Destroy ...

1 week ago     288,792 Views    
r-choosingbeggars-entitled-kid-dumps-bmw-in-river-i-wanted-a-jaguar 17:56

r/Choosingbeggars Entitled Kid Dumps BMW in R...

2 weeks ago     182,626 Views    
r-entitledparents-mother-steals-seat-and-freaks-out-when-caught 15:40

r/Entitledparents Mother Steals Seat and FREA...

2 weeks ago     384,149 Views    
r-maliciouscompliance-call-the-cops-lol-ok 19:54

r/Maliciouscompliance "CALL THE COPS!" "lol ok"

2 weeks ago     230,710 Views    
r-therewasanattempt-sotp 10:38

r/Therewasanattempt SOTP!

2 weeks ago     83,100 Views    
r-prorevenge-how-i-got-my-bully-coworker-fired 16:51

r/Prorevenge How I Got My Bully Coworker Fired!

2 weeks ago     271,471 Views    
r-entitledparents-give-my-child-your-gun 17:21

r/Entitledparents "GIVE MY CHILD YOUR GUN!"

2 weeks ago     344,354 Views    
r-niceguys-vs-r-nicegirls-showdown-which-group-is-creepier 16:18

r/Niceguys VS r/Nicegirls Showdown! Which Gro...

2 weeks ago     290,175 Views    


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