SoaR Dylan

first-win-in-season-11-fortnite-chapter-2 11:26

FIRST WIN in Season 11 Fortnite... (Chapter 2)

15 hours ago     202,600 Views    
i-spectated-random-players-and-this-happened-unbelievable 11:29

I SPECTATED random players and THIS HAPPENED....

4 days ago     83,593 Views    
i-won-only-using-snipers-in-fortnite 12:10

I won ONLY using SNIPERS in Fortnite

1 week ago     180,244 Views    
two-recon-experts-go-into-squad-fill-and-this-happened 10:40

Two RECON EXPERTS go into squad fill and THIS...

1 week ago     96,330 Views    
you-see-this-rare-squad-coming-at-you-wyd 10:18

You see this RARE SQUAD coming at you... wyd?

1 week ago     153,437 Views    
i-can-only-use-loot-from-stars-in-fortnite-to-win-challenge 10:29

i can ONLY use loot from STARS in fortnite to...

1 week ago     112,082 Views    
i-won-only-using-shotguns-in-fortnite 11:16

I won ONLY using shotguns in Fortnite

2 weeks ago     160,449 Views    
these-are-my-best-fortnite-trickshots-and-snipes-of-all-time 10:17

These are my BEST Fortnite TRICKSHOTS and SNI...

2 weeks ago     185,635 Views    
i-exposed-my-teammates-stats-in-squad-fill-they-lied 10:02


2 weeks ago     117,884 Views    
i-spectated-players-on-oceania-servers-and-was-shocked-at-how-bad-they-were 10:11

I SPECTATED players on OCEANIA servers and wa...

3 weeks ago     142,129 Views    
i-spectated-random-players-and-guessed-their-stats-experiment 10:15

I SPECTATED random players and GUESSED their ...

3 weeks ago     240,491 Views    
i-joined-playground-fill-zone-wars-with-recon-expert-and-this-happened 10:27

I joined playground fill ZONE WARS with RECON...

3 weeks ago     185,672 Views    
i-exposed-players-stats-in-division-1-arena 11:28

I EXPOSED Players Stats in Division 1 Arena

3 weeks ago     213,057 Views    
i-exposed-my-random-duos-stats-in-fortnite 11:37

I EXPOSED My Random Duos Stats in Fortnite

3 weeks ago     272,126 Views    
so-i-tried-out-for-a-toxic-renegade-raider-clan-and-this-happened 10:00

So I tried out for a TOXIC RENEGADE RAIDER cl...

4 weeks ago     200,890 Views    
you-see-this-squad-coming-at-you-wyd-all-rare-skins 10:02

You see THIS squad coming at you... wyd? (ALL...

4 weeks ago     167,848 Views    
i-joined-random-zone-wars-with-ghoul-trooper-hilarious-reactions 13:36

I joined random ZONE WARS with GHOUL TROOPER....

1 month ago     126,274 Views    
i-died-and-spectated-a-recon-expert-to-see-if-he-was-good-experiment 10:11

I died and SPECTATED a RECON EXPERT to see if...

1 month ago     123,737 Views    
recon-expert-switches-to-controller-and-this-happened-i-should-be-banned 10:42

RECON EXPERT switches to CONTROLLER and this ...

1 month ago     231,460 Views    
so-i-killed-lg-randumb-while-i-was-wearing-renegade-raider-and-l-danced-on-him 11:19

So i killed LG RANDUMB while i was wearing RE...

1 month ago     190,641 Views    


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