Drew Goldberg

is-he-a-tourist-or-a-terrorist-mexico-airport-scandal 05:38

Is He a TOURIST or a TERRORIST? (Mexico Airpo...

1 week ago     158,201 Views    
why-he-turned-muslim-sal-lavallo 04:25

Why He Turned MUSLIM (Sal Lavallo)

1 week ago     39,382 Views    
240-hours-of-insanity-west-africa-road-trip 06:32

240 HOURS OF INSANITY! (West Africa Road Trip)

1 week ago     58,919 Views    
what-is-the-gambia 04:32

What is The Gambia?

2 weeks ago     141,942 Views    
our-troubles-in-guinea-conakry 04:59

Our Troubles in GUINEA (Conakry)

2 weeks ago     25,939 Views    
the-scammers-are-arrested-sierra-leone-scandal 06:11


2 weeks ago     71,064 Views    
we-got-scammed-sierra-leone 08:10

WE GOT SCAMMED (Sierra Leone)

2 weeks ago     112,531 Views    
america-in-africa-welcome-to-liberia 03:35

America in Africa? (Welcome to LIBERIA)

3 weeks ago     53,477 Views    
19-year-old-street-magician-lagos-nigeria 05:03

19 Year Old STREET MAGICIAN (Lagos, Nigeria)

4 weeks ago     30,763 Views    
what-can-10-get-in-lagos-nigeria-craziest-city 06:48

What Can $10 Get in LAGOS, NIGERIA? (craziest...

4 weeks ago     56,357 Views    
world-s-fastest-airport-experience-60-seconds 03:30

World's FASTEST AIRPORT Experience (60 Seconds!)

1 month ago     64,247 Views    
the-most-inspiring-man-millionaire-mindset 04:22

The Most INSPIRING MAN (Millionaire Mindset)

1 month ago     57,232 Views    
tallest-humans-on-earth-south-sudan 05:10

TALLEST HUMANS on Earth (South Sudan)

1 month ago     41,046 Views    
what-can-10-get-in-sudan-budget-travel 05:32

What Can $10 Get in SUDAN? (Budget Travel)

1 month ago     47,079 Views    
what-is-eritrea-italy-in-africa 04:46

What is ERITREA? (ITALY in Africa?)

1 month ago     60,379 Views    
why-i-don-t-like-this-country 03:26

Why I Don't Like This Country

1 month ago     88,046 Views    
why-we-moved-to-manila-we-got-a-pug 02:43

Why We Moved to Manila (WE GOT A PUG)

2 months ago     101,534 Views    
what-can-10-get-in-yemen 04:07

What Can $10 Get in YEMEN?

2 months ago     78,546 Views    
i-made-it-to-yemen-first-impressions 04:00

I MADE IT TO YEMEN (first impressions)

2 months ago     79,986 Views    
10-wacky-things-about-turkmenistan 04:51

10 Wacky Things About TURKMENISTAN

2 months ago     81,597 Views    


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