haha-how-about-that-impeachment-oh-wait-nobody-cares 07:25

HAHA How About That Impeachment? Oh Wait, Nob...

8 months ago     11,170 Views    
democrat-poll-analysis-bloomberg-inches-up-sanders-and-warren-tied 10:04

Democrat Poll Analysis: Bloomberg Inches Up, ...

8 months ago     25,042 Views    
war-with-iran-would-be-a-dumb-idea-trump-thankfully-seems-to-comprehend-this 13:20

War With Iran Would be a Dumb Idea: Trump Tha...

8 months ago     54,572 Views    
julian-castro-drops-out-hahaha 08:37

Julian Castro Drops Out: HAHAHA!!!

8 months ago     54,502 Views    
bernie-sanders-repeats-the-bigoted-noble-savage-mythology-almost-verbatim 08:40

Bernie Sanders Repeats the Bigoted Noble Sava...

8 months ago     45,701 Views    
the-occult-247-technically-existence-should-not-exist 09:49

The Occult #247: Technically Existence Should...

8 months ago     13,998 Views    
mason-dixon-poll-shows-stark-odds-for-dems-in-va-fl-in-2020 10:03

Mason Dixon Poll Shows Stark Odds for Dems in...

8 months ago     54,233 Views    
it-s-hilarious-watching-people-underestimate-trump-all-over-again 13:06

It's Hilarious Watching People Underestimate ...

8 months ago     89,930 Views    
the-occult-246-when-it-rains-frogs-fish-etc 07:08

The Occult #246: When It Rains Frogs, Fish, etc

8 months ago     9,537 Views    
vermont-issues-151-vermont-population-still-shrinking 10:06

Vermont Issues 151: Vermont Population Still ...

8 months ago     25,775 Views    
trump-threatens-iran-but-does-not-want-or-foresee-war 11:02

Trump Threatens Iran, but Does Not "Want or F...

8 months ago     54,496 Views    
welcome-to-the-twenties 08:59

Welcome to the Twenties

8 months ago     59,444 Views    
merkels-new-censorship-legislation-even-opposed-by-the-far-left 06:18

Merkels New Censorship Legislation Even Oppos...

8 months ago     47,484 Views    
democrat-poll-analysis-biden-at-30-sanders-stalled-klobuchar-and-yang-incline 11:43

Democrat Poll Analysis: Biden At 30, Sanders ...

8 months ago     43,244 Views    
tulsi-gabbard-will-be-remembered-as-one-of-the-few-sane-dems-on-impeachment 08:36

Tulsi Gabbard Will be Remembered as One of th...

8 months ago     40,744 Views    
final-polls-of-the-2010s-biggest-losers-us-politics-and-news 02:10

Final Polls of the 2010s! Biggest Losers (US ...

8 months ago     32,445 Views    
trump-wins-if-sanders-is-nominated-the-myth-of-sanders-supremacy 10:51

Trump Wins if Sanders is Nominated (The Myth ...

8 months ago     60,396 Views    
screeching-morons-on-the-view-lambaste-assange-say-he-gave-us-trump 06:20

Screeching Morons on The View Lambaste Assang...

1 year ago     52,551 Views    
it-is-technically-possible-for-the-usa-to-buy-greenland 08:14

It is Technically Possible for the USA to Buy...

1 year ago     69,202 Views    
screw-the-christchurch-shooter-and-screw-the-mainstream-media 11:00

Screw the Christchurch Shooter and Screw the ...

1 year ago     180,008 Views    


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