we-should-pressure-more-corporations-to-abandon-zuckerbergs-libra-project 09:52

We Should Pressure More Corporations to Aband...

3 days ago     17,819 Views    
democrats-consider-sacrificing-us-troops-because-orange-man-bad 09:17

Democrats Consider Sacrificing US Troops Beca...

1 week ago     61,862 Views    
tlaib-dems-consider-soft-coup-jailing-those-who-resist-perpetual-subpoenas 06:59

Tlaib, Dems Consider Soft Coup, Jailing Those...

1 week ago     26,168 Views    
quantum-supremacy-with-google 06:00

Quantum Supremacy With Google?

4 weeks ago     18,838 Views    
youtube-rescinds-part-of-its-deverification-rollout 06:34

Youtube Rescinds Part of its Deverification R...

1 month ago     24,137 Views    
apps-suck-desktop-internet-is-so-great 05:56

Apps Suck, Desktop Internet is So Great

1 month ago     32,708 Views    
screeching-morons-on-the-view-lambaste-assange-say-he-gave-us-trump 06:20

Screeching Morons on The View Lambaste Assang...

1 month ago     52,551 Views    
it-is-technically-possible-for-the-usa-to-buy-greenland 08:14

It is Technically Possible for the USA to Buy...

2 months ago     69,202 Views    
soph-deplatformed-by-youtube-for-wrongthink-follow-her-bitchute 09:32

Soph Deplatformed by Youtube for Wrongthink (...

2 months ago     45,826 Views    
secondary-laptop-acquired-huzzah 04:16

Secondary Laptop Acquired: Huzzah!

6 months ago     23,028 Views    
laptop-funded-and-a-big-thanks-to-everyone 05:08

Laptop Funded: And a Big Thanks to Everyone

6 months ago     32,996 Views    
jack-dorsey-seems-to-want-to-destroy-his-own-website-with-a-myspace-moment 06:49

Jack Dorsey Seems to Want to Destroy His Own ...

6 months ago     49,315 Views    
it-s-kind-of-weird-being-well-known-on-the-internet 09:05

It's Kind of Weird Being Well Known On the In...

6 months ago     15,585 Views    
amazon-spies-on-people-through-alexa-somehow-people-are-surprised 08:04

Amazon Spies on People Through Alexa, Somehow...

6 months ago     58,045 Views    
mozilla-which-i-warned-about-2-years-ago-bans-dissenter-app-as-chrome-follows-suit 06:10

Mozilla (Which I Warned About 2 Years Ago) Ba...

6 months ago     47,668 Views    
right-wing-watch-claims-nihilistic-clown-frogs-are-racist 08:22

Right Wing Watch Claims Nihilistic Clown Frog...

6 months ago     45,277 Views    
youtube-is-partially-throttling-me 07:43

Youtube is Partially Throttling Me

6 months ago     48,849 Views    
zuckerberg-kisses-ring-endorses-eurocensorship-for-the-internet 07:30

Zuckerberg Kisses Ring, Endorses Eurocensorsh...

6 months ago     41,136 Views    
screw-the-christchurch-shooter-and-screw-the-mainstream-media 11:00

Screw the Christchurch Shooter and Screw the ...

7 months ago     180,008 Views    
gab-now-developing-dissenter-to-allow-comments-internet-wide 07:56

Gab Now Developing "Dissenter" to Allow Comme...

7 months ago     41,476 Views    


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