rip-bandit-boy 29:39

RIP Bandit Boy

4 months ago     43,226 Views    
morgan-reacts-after-not-seeing-me-for-one-year 28:35

Morgan Reacts After Not Seeing Me for ONE YEAR

6 months ago     26,906 Views    
why-cockatoos-make-terrible-pets-watch-mine-attack-me 18:45

Why Cockatoos Make TERRIBLE Pets (Watch Mine ...

6 months ago     22,412 Views    
african-grey-parrot-dies-at-3-yrs-old-please-don-t-make-this-mistake 14:45

African Grey Parrot DIES at 3 YRS OLD | PLEAS...

7 months ago     27,112 Views    
i-let-my-toucan-attack-my-husband-toucans-bite 22:28

I Let My Toucan ATTACK My Husband | TOUCANS B...

8 months ago     65,631 Views    
who-knew-pet-parrots-could-do-this 07:02

Who Knew Pet Parrots Could Do THIS?

1 year ago     51 Views    
freeflying-parrots-at-sunset 04:45

Freeflying Parrots at Sunset

1 year ago     50 Views    
bird-kingdom-surprise-parrot-appearance-guess-who 19:57

BIRD KINGDOM! | Surprise Parrot Appearance GU...

1 year ago     31 Views    
my-bird-care-routine-performing-in-niagara-falls 14:26

My Bird Care Routine + Performing in Niagara ...

1 year ago     23 Views    
my-cockatoo-bandit-gets-mad-at-me-watch-me-work-through-it-in-2-minutes 16:43

My Cockatoo Bandit Gets MAD at ME! | Watch Me...

1 year ago     75 Views    
saying-goodbye-to-chichi-the-caique 17:01

Saying Goodbye To ChiChi The Caique

1 year ago     51 Views    
why-girls-love-birds 05:45

Why Girls LOVE Birds

1 year ago     37 Views    
bonding-with-a-black-headed-caique-through-trick-training 21:05

Bonding With a Black Headed Caique Through Tr...

1 year ago     25 Views    
one-day-miracles-don-t-bite-the-hand-that-feeds-you 34:40

One Day Miracles | Don't Bite the Hand That F...

1 year ago     2,064 Views    
adventures-free-flying-parrots-utah-virginia 03:16

Adventures Free Flying Parrots | Utah & Virginia

1 year ago     19 Views    
an-aviary-for-our-pet-toucan 05:54

An Aviary For Our Pet Toucan

1 year ago     53 Views    
my-first-day-with-a-new-parrot-chichi-the-caique 21:08

My First Day With a New Parrot | ChiChi The C...

1 year ago     39 Views    
bringing-home-a-caique-parrot-meet-chichi 06:43

Bringing Home a Caique Parrot!!! | Meet CHICHI

1 year ago     55 Views    
she-threw-food-at-our-toucan 04:54

She Threw Food AT Our Toucan!

1 year ago     74 Views    
training-a-parrot-to-land-on-a-horse 09:23

Training a Parrot to Land on a Horse!

1 year ago     24 Views    


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