Damon Whitsell

don-lemon-explodes-after-kanye-west-oval-office-speech 05:55

Don Lemon EXPLODES after Kanye West Oval Offi...

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black-trump-supporter-asked-when-was-america-great-his-answer-was-awesome 02:10

Black Trump Supporter Asked "WHEN WAS AMERICA...

8 months ago     3 Views    
hilarious-jesse-lee-peterson-ask-problack-phil-scott-what-makes-whites-different-from-you 02:11

HILARIOUS: Jesse Lee Peterson ask ProBlack Ph...

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dear-oppressed-african-americans-be-thankful-your-ancestors-were-bought-by-americans 08:45


9 months ago     2 Views    
islamic-arab-slave-trade-much-much-worse-than-european-american-slave-trade 06:00

Islamic/Arab Slave Trade MUCH MUCH WORSE Than...

9 months ago     2 Views    
cop-killing-of-carlos-deone-high-sr-by-grand-prairie-police-is-likely-justified 14:21

Cop killing of Carlos Deone High Sr by Grand ...

10 months ago     1 Views    
damon-whitsell-ask-tithing-expert-ron-roby-if-tithing-grows-churches 11:59

DAMON WHITSELL ask tithing expert RON ROBY if...

11 months ago     8 Views    
damon-whitsell-ask-tithing-expert-ron-roby-why-do-you-study-tithing 05:44

Damon Whitsell ask TITHING EXPERT RON ROBY wh...

11 months ago     1 Views    
more-pro-blacks-see-tariq-nasheed-lives-in-a-purely-delusional-alternative-reality 34:54

More Pro-Blacks See Tariq Nasheed Lives In A ...

11 months ago     2 Views    
david-hogg-one-step-closer-to-broken-walk-on-home-boy 05:21

DAVID HOGG: One Step Closer To Broken = WALK ...

11 months ago     1 Views    
refuting-the-root-s-george-washington-slave-teeth 08:37

REFUTING THE ROOT'S George Washington & Slave...

1 year ago     2 Views    
most-profoundly-truthful-articulation-of-mental-illness-and-gun-rights-i-ever-seen 30:12

Most Profoundly Truthful Articulation Of Ment...

1 year ago     1 Views    
actor-antonio-sabato-jr-sets-the-view-straight-for-conflating-legal-illegal-immigration 01:58

Actor Antonio Sabato Jr SETS THE VIEW STRAIGH...

1 year ago     4 Views    
share-this-with-ur-friends-to-show-them-you-love-them-and-you-re-concerned-for-them 00:26


1 year ago     4 Views    
new-black-female-conservative-star-lucrecia-hughes-why-you-mad-though-part-1-2 1:06:04

New Black Female Conservative Star = Lucrecia...

1 year ago     5 Views    
former-democrat-governor-dick-lamm-my-plan-to-destroy-america 17:27

Former Democrat Governor Dick Lamm: "My Plan ...

1 year ago     2 Views    
hey-dumb-asses-a-person-can-be-a-shit-head-but-not-a-shit-hole 01:26

HEY DUMB-ASSES: A person can be a Shit-Head B...

1 year ago     1 Views    
clint-superbly-roast-hidden-colors-2-the-triumph-of-melanin 17:09

Clint SUPERBLY ROAST Hidden Colors 2: The Tri...

1 year ago     2 Views    
black-man-debunks-hidden-colors-tariq-nasheed-on-council-of-nicea 22:23

Black Man Debunks Hidden Colors/Tariq Nasheed...

1 year ago     1 Views    
black-man-exposes-deception-lies-misinformation-of-hidden-colors-tariq-nasheeds 20:27

Black Man Exposes Deception, Lies, & Misinfor...

1 year ago     1 Views    


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