The Young Turks

kamala-harris-denies-meghan-mccain 07:49

Kamala Harris DENIES Meghan McCain

1 week ago     108,328 Views    
tucker-carlson-it-s-not-my-race-it-s-yours 12:51

Tucker Carlson: It's Not My Race, It's Yours

1 week ago     35,922 Views    
cenk-destroys-right-winger-on-cnn 08:33

Cenk DESTROYS Right-Winger On CNN

1 week ago     141,644 Views    
tyt-live-post-game 3:17:34

TYT LIVE - Post Game

1 week ago     60,268 Views    
inside-jeffrey-epstein-s-house-of-horrors 13:02

Inside Jeffrey Epstein's House Of Horrors

1 week ago     121,343 Views    
anti-trump-chants-trigger-president-snowflake 09:53

Anti-Trump Chants TRIGGER President Snowflake

1 week ago     110,517 Views    
trump-making-fake-supporter-ads 07:40

Trump Making Fake Supporter Ads

2 weeks ago     87,245 Views    
kellyanne-conway-embarrasses-herself-attacking-aoc 09:26

Kellyanne Conway Embarrasses Herself Attackin...

2 weeks ago     87,502 Views    
judge-gives-rapist-a-pass 09:02

Judge Gives Rapist A Pass

2 weeks ago     13,223 Views    
jeanine-pirro-triggered-by-people-speaking-spanish 12:42

Jeanine Pirro Triggered By People Speaking Sp...

2 weeks ago     79,817 Views    
aoc-calls-out-unwanted-ivanka 06:58

AOC Calls Out 'Unwanted Ivanka'

2 weeks ago     253,536 Views    
alexandria-ocasio-cortez-reveals-horrific-truth-at-the-border 18:31

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Reveals Horrific Tru...

2 weeks ago     102,706 Views    
meghan-mccain-snaps-at-democratic-candidate 06:22

Meghan McCain Snaps At Democratic Candidate

3 weeks ago     85,006 Views    
cenk-dominates-cnn-panel 08:19

Cenk Dominates CNN Panel

3 weeks ago     90,113 Views    
source-biden-s-campaign-is-freaking-out 05:20

SOURCE: Biden's Campaign Is FREAKING Out

3 weeks ago     68,014 Views    
most-amazing-moment-of-first-democratic-debate 09:48

Most AMAZING Moment Of First Democratic Debate

3 weeks ago     54,721 Views    
republican-paid-for-multiple-affairs-with-campaign-funds 06:55

Republican Paid for Multiple Affairs With Cam...

3 weeks ago     21,414 Views    
ana-dunks-on-meghan-mccain 06:28

Ana DUNKS On Meghan McCain

3 weeks ago     71,333 Views    
chris-hayes-stunned-by-republican-s-inhumanity 09:15

Chris Hayes STUNNED By Republican's Inhumanity

3 weeks ago     75,585 Views    
is-cnn-getting-better 07:56

Is CNN Getting Better?

3 weeks ago     58,321 Views    


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