The Young Turks

this-audio-might-end-bloomberg-s-campaign 05:40

This Audio Might END Bloomberg's Campaign

5 months ago     146,162 Views    
buttigieg-asked-a-very-uncomfortable-question-during-democratic-debate 08:54

Buttigieg Asked A VERY Uncomfortable Question...

5 months ago     199,988 Views    
bernie-destroys-pete-buttigieg-during-new-hampshire-debate 15:04

Bernie DESTROYS Pete Buttigieg During New Ham...

5 months ago     47,255 Views    
new-hampshire-debate-biggest-winner-and-loser 17:20

New Hampshire Debate: Biggest Winner and Loser

5 months ago     101,371 Views    
trump-jr-revolting-instagram-post-attacking-mitt-romney 10:45

Trump Jr. REVOLTING Instagram Post Attacking ...

5 months ago     11,461 Views    
dnc-caught-rigging-primary-for-bloomberg 08:17

DNC Caught Rigging Primary For Bloomberg

5 months ago     70,348 Views    
iowa-voters-did-what-biden-wanted-voted-for-someone-else 13:44

Iowa Voters Did What Biden Wanted...Voted For...

6 months ago     106,025 Views    
biden-insisting-he-needs-to-review-iowa-results-before-dnc-releases-them 18:56

Biden INSISTING He Needs To Review Iowa Resul...

6 months ago     87,040 Views    
chris-matthews-gives-hilarious-bernie-take 03:28

Chris Matthews Gives HILARIOUS Bernie Take

6 months ago     29,725 Views    
iowa-caucus-results-start-coming-in-biden-sinking 15:43

Iowa Caucus Results Start Coming In, Biden Si...

6 months ago     116,318 Views    
lev-parnas-throws-lindsey-graham-under-the-bus 10:08

Lev Parnas Throws Lindsey Graham Under The Bus

6 months ago     15,697 Views    
dnc-caught-attempting-to-sabotage-bernie-sanders 11:27

DNC Caught Attempting To Sabotage Bernie Sanders

6 months ago     45,780 Views    
geraldo-tells-the-truth-on-fox-and-friends-and-the-audience-revolts 09:42

Geraldo Tells THE TRUTH on Fox and Friends an...

6 months ago     80,129 Views    
susan-collins-admits-something-she-shouldn-t-have 10:20

Susan Collins Admits Something She Shouldn't ...

6 months ago     167,321 Views    
sanders-campaign-amplifies-joe-rogan-endorsement 19:16

Sanders Campaign Amplifies Joe Rogan Endorsement

6 months ago     217,267 Views    
the-view-triggered-after-bernie-sanders-takes-lead 10:15

The View TRIGGERED After Bernie Sanders Takes...

6 months ago     217,758 Views    
devin-nunes-in-big-trouble-suddenly-recalls-phone-call-with-lev-parnas 13:18

Devin Nunes IN BIG TROUBLE! Suddenly Recalls ...

6 months ago     224,020 Views    
tyt-live-post-game-1-15 3:29:08

TYT LIVE: Post Game 1/15

6 months ago     113,402 Views    
tense-moments-between-warren-and-sanders-at-democratic-debate-in-iowa 16:54

TENSE Moments Between Warren and Sanders at D...

6 months ago     33,454 Views    
iowa-debate-biggest-winners-and-losers 12:16

Iowa Debate Biggest Winners and Losers

6 months ago     137,197 Views    


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