The Young Turks

laura-ingraham-mocks-nipsey-hussle 12:30

Laura Ingraham Mocks Nipsey Hussle

1 week ago     389,748 Views    
fox-and-friends-cry-about-bernie-sanders 08:41

Fox And Friends Cry About Bernie Sanders

1 week ago     139,742 Views    
bernie-wins-at-fox-news-town-hall 15:01

Bernie WINS At Fox News Town Hall

1 week ago     95,136 Views    
fox-news-dumbfounded-by-simple-aspect-of-bernie-s-medicare-for-all-plan 10:37

Fox News Dumbfounded by Simple Aspect of Bern...

1 week ago     30,461 Views    
bernie-schools-fox-news-on-medicare-for-all 09:01

Bernie Schools Fox News on Medicare For All

1 week ago     24,800 Views    
bernie-sanders-mocks-fox-news-tax-cut-attack-during-town-hall 09:31

Bernie Sanders Mocks Fox News Tax Cut Attack ...

1 week ago     67,547 Views    
roger-stone-betrays-alex-jones 11:08

Roger Stone BETRAYS Alex Jones

1 week ago     164,119 Views    
meghan-mccain-s-brain-gets-rattled-on-wikileaks 13:18

Meghan McCain's Brain Gets Rattled On WikiLeaks

1 week ago     88,217 Views    
steve-mnuchin-opens-up-about-hiding-trump-s-taxes 09:37

Steve Mnuchin Opens Up About Hiding Trump's T...

1 week ago     83,075 Views    
maxine-waters-schools-steve-mnuchin 08:54

Maxine Waters SCHOOLS Steve Mnuchin

1 week ago     52,915 Views    
devin-nunes-triggered-by-yachtcocaineprostitutes 13:05

Devin Nunes TRIGGERED By #YachtCocaineProstit...

2 weeks ago     39,053 Views    
trump-wants-administration-to-serve-jail-time-for-him-and-judge-shutsdown-trump-order 33:54

Trump Wants Administration To Serve Jail Time...

2 weeks ago     44,493 Views    
the-most-ignorant-trump-supporter-ever 11:21

The Most Ignorant Trump Supporter Ever?

2 weeks ago     201,582 Views    
mick-mulvaney-democrats-will-never-see-trump-s-tax-returns 07:01

Mick Mulvaney: "Democrats Will NEVER See Trum...

2 weeks ago     53,927 Views    
mueller-investigators-say-william-barr-withheld-information-on-trump 20:02

Mueller Investigators Say William Barr Withhe...

2 weeks ago     200,263 Views    
trump-obsessed-with-alexandria-ocasio-cortez 11:59

Trump OBSESSED With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

2 weeks ago     144,994 Views    
alex-jones-makes-stunning-admission 13:43

Alex Jones Makes Stunning Admission

3 weeks ago     209,335 Views    
jordan-peele-s-white-actor-casting-comments-should-be-applauded-not-attacked 08:17

Jordan Peele's White Actor Casting Comments S...

3 weeks ago     52,753 Views    
pat-buchanan-gets-real-racist-on-laura-ingraham-s-podcast 11:01

Pat Buchanan Gets REAL Racist on Laura Ingrah...

3 weeks ago     27,009 Views    
trump-jr-triggered-by-alexandria-ocasio-cortez 13:21

Trump Jr. TRIGGERED By Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

3 weeks ago     120,763 Views    


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