The Young Turks

houston-democratic-debate-biggest-winners-and-losers 12:06

Houston Democratic Debate: Biggest WINNERS an...

3 days ago     82,550 Views    
laura-ingraham-schooled-by-nfl-player 09:52

Laura Ingraham SCHOOLED By NFL Player

5 days ago     50,963 Views    
tulsi-gabbard-falls-for-dave-rubin-s-trap 13:53

Tulsi Gabbard Falls For Dave Rubin's Trap

6 days ago     46,802 Views    
crazy-right-wing-movie-trailer-is-nuts 08:27

Crazy Right-Wing Movie Trailer is NUTS

1 week ago     95,789 Views    
jay-z-all-lives-matter 09:04

Jay-Z "All Lives Matter"?

1 week ago     32,231 Views    
trump-screws-over-mitch-mcconnell 13:45

Trump Screws Over Mitch McConnell

1 week ago     271,269 Views    
pence-getting-fired-by-trump 12:52

Pence Getting Fired By Trump?

1 week ago     228,765 Views    
joe-biden-gets-destroyed-by-climate-question 11:02

Joe Biden Gets DESTROYED By Climate Question

1 week ago     115,277 Views    
tyt-live-post-game-9-5 2:58:53

TYT LIVE: Post Game 9/5

1 week ago     77,781 Views    
bernie-wins-climate-change-town-hall 14:43

Bernie WINS Climate Change Town Hall

1 week ago     146,902 Views    
the-dumbest-tucker-carlson-rant-ever-broadcast 08:53

The DUMBEST Tucker Carlson Rant EVER Broadcast

1 week ago     94,700 Views    
trump-being-a-category-5-idiot 14:09

Trump Being A Category 5 IDIOT

1 week ago     106,840 Views    
john-faces-off-with-ben-shapiro-outlet 11:25

John FACES OFF With Ben Shapiro Outlet

2 weeks ago     64,130 Views    
gop-rep-booed-for-insane-gun-comment 06:21

GOP Rep. Booed For INSANE Gun Comment

2 weeks ago     70,220 Views    
trump-assistant-dishes-hilarious-secret 08:40

Trump Assistant Dishes HILARIOUS Secret

2 weeks ago     105,697 Views    
cenk-s-jaw-dropping-prediction-on-cnn 14:32

Cenk's Jaw-Dropping Prediction On CNN

2 weeks ago     156,440 Views    
comey-breaks-fbi-policy 04:45

Comey Breaks FBI Policy

2 weeks ago     48,077 Views    
trump-some-troops-kids-won-t-get-automatic-citizenship 05:41

Trump: Some Troops' Kids Won't Get Automatic ...

2 weeks ago     74,877 Views    
ben-shapiro-black-culture-expert 10:35

Ben Shapiro: Black Culture Expert

2 weeks ago     59,833 Views    
ana-crushes-it-on-cuomo 11:31

Ana CRUSHES It On Cuomo

2 weeks ago     162,152 Views    


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