The Young Turks

ben-carson-dunked-on-after-cookie-gaffe 08:40

Ben Carson Dunked On After Cookie Gaffe

1 day ago     32,568 Views    
report-trump-has-a-tiny 10:13

REPORT: Trump Has A Tiny ****

1 day ago     158,015 Views    
trump-triggered-by-pete-buttigieg 13:19

Trump Triggered By Pete Buttigieg

3 days ago     127,393 Views    
trump-explaining-how-stupid-he-is 12:34

Trump Explaining How Stupid He Is

3 days ago     207,067 Views    
aoc-s-perfect-response-to-a-republican-defending-big-pharma 10:43

AOC's PERFECT Response To A Republican Defend...

6 days ago     192,392 Views    
lunch-lady-fired-for-having-a-heart 04:56

Lunch Lady Fired For Having A Heart

1 week ago     59,133 Views    
trump-s-voters-turn-on-him 07:10

Trump's Voters Turn On Him

1 week ago     102,411 Views    
trump-fights-with-larry-kudlow 04:47

Trump Fights With Larry Kudlow

1 week ago     83,978 Views    
conservatives-crying-over-cookie-commercial 07:16

Conservatives Crying Over Cookie Commercial

1 week ago     100,314 Views    
whoopi-goldberg-dunks-on-meghan-mccain 09:06

Whoopi Goldberg Dunks On Meghan McCain

1 week ago     89,358 Views    
cenk-uygur-debunks-tyt-myths 10:15

Cenk Uygur Debunks TYT Myths

1 week ago     42,595 Views    
tucker-carlson-defends-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-and-bernie-sanders 06:31

Tucker Carlson Defends Alexandria Ocasio-Cort...

1 week ago     42,303 Views    
end-of-trump-s-presidency 12:18

End Of Trump's Presidency

1 week ago     202,319 Views    
republican-strategist-stop-defending-capitalism 07:59

Republican Strategist: "Stop Defending Capita...

1 week ago     56,609 Views    
game-of-thrones-season-8-episode-5-review-tyt 1:12:15

Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 5 | Review...

1 week ago     101,405 Views    
why-ben-shapiro-talks-so-fast 03:55

Why Ben Shapiro Talks So Fast

1 week ago     93,274 Views    
mushrooms-get-legalized 03:23

Mushrooms Get Legalized

1 week ago     29,023 Views    
ben-shapiro-throws-temper-tantrum 24:08

Ben Shapiro Throws Temper Tantrum

1 week ago     454,195 Views    
seth-meyers-confronts-meghan-mccain 12:01

Seth Meyers Confronts Meghan McCain

2 weeks ago     94,755 Views    
media-gives-trump-a-new-nickname 05:55

Media Gives Trump A New Nickname

2 weeks ago     187,334 Views    


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