Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"

will-super-glue-stick-to-a-non-stick-surface 11:29

Will Super Glue STICK to a Non-Stick Surface?

15 hours ago     375,150 Views    
1-000-pens-rolled-into-one-6ft-pen 12:17

1,000 Pens Rolled into One 6FT Pen

2 days ago     44,961 Views    
don-t-mess-with-easy-cheese 12:14

Don't Mess with Easy Cheese

4 days ago     275,947 Views    
diy-galaxy-fold 15:45

DIY Galaxy Fold

5 days ago     800,026 Views    
can-sticky-tack-hold-a-person 12:13

Can STICKY TACK Hold a Person?

6 days ago     1,060,850 Views    
turning-cheeseburgers-to-stone 11:15

Turning Cheeseburgers to Stone

1 week ago     149,143 Views    
world-s-biggest-tootsie-roll 11:25

World's Biggest Tootsie Roll?

1 week ago     39,117 Views    
don-t-pour-liquid-oxygen-on-carpet 12:52

DON'T Pour Liquid Oxygen on Carpet

1 week ago     496,157 Views    
does-this-simple-hack-make-it-taste-better 10:23

Does This SIMPLE HACK Make it Taste Better?

1 week ago     128,472 Views    
turning-a-hex-nut-into-an-epic-ring 12:06

Turning a HEX NUT into an EPIC Ring

2 weeks ago     171,753 Views    
carving-raw-eggs-with-vinegar 11:17

Carving Raw Eggs with Vinegar

2 weeks ago     163,680 Views    
can-liquid-oxygen-melt-diamond 12:22

Can Liquid Oxygen Melt Diamond?

2 weeks ago     270,658 Views    
ultrasonic-vaporizer-vs-food-coloring 10:18

Ultrasonic Vaporizer VS. Food Coloring

2 weeks ago     327,117 Views    
shooting-over-1-000-feet-of-silly-string-at-once 14:35

Shooting Over 1,000 FEET of Silly String at Once

2 weeks ago     247,053 Views    
can-you-actually-tell-the-difference-between-these 11:37

Can You Actually Tell The Difference Between ...

3 weeks ago     207,106 Views    
which-is-the-real-calli 11:13

Which is the Real Calli?

3 weeks ago     213,259 Views    
something-happened 10:12


3 weeks ago     89,937 Views    
these-drawings-come-alive 10:14

These Drawings Come “Alive"

3 weeks ago     214,958 Views    
what-really-happens-if-you-stick-a-fork-in-an-outlet 13:06

What REALLY Happens if You Stick a FORK in an...

3 weeks ago     55,764 Views    
does-popcorn-stay-fluffy-in-space 11:54

Does Popcorn Stay Fluffy in Space?

3 weeks ago     171,594 Views    


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