David Long

the-car-wizard-shares-the-top-jaguars-to-buy-not-to-buy 14:12

The CAR WIZARD shares the top JAGUARS TO Buy ...

3 months ago     24,625 Views    
the-car-wizard-shares-his-all-time-favorite-luxury-car-can-you-guess 13:50

The CAR WIZARD shares his all time favorite L...

3 months ago     35,116 Views    
the-car-wizard-reveals-the-vehicle-for-the-rolls-royce-engine-swap 13:23

The CAR WIZARD reveals the vehicle for the Ro...

4 months ago     30,368 Views    
the-car-wizard-shows-a-jag-xj6-volvo-760-vw-corrado-lotus-espirit-chopper-bike-surprise-ending 16:13

The CAR WIZARD shows a Jag XJ6, Volvo 760, VW...

4 months ago     23,456 Views    
the-car-wizard-shares-the-top-full-size-1-2-ton-gas-trucks-to-buy-not-to-buy 18:24

The CAR WIZARD shares the top Full size, 1/2 ...

4 months ago     35,930 Views    
wrong-diagnosis-on-lexus-ls400-coach-edition-car-wizard-saves-a-fan-from-being-fleeced-for-1000-s 14:11

Wrong Diagnosis on Lexus LS400 Coach edition!...

4 months ago     36,460 Views    
i-ve-owned-50-cars-the-entire-car-wizard-collection-every-car-i-ve-ever-owned-on-my-100th-video 32:58

I've owned 50 cars!!! The entire CAR WIZARD c...

4 months ago     29,658 Views    
it-s-back-the-car-wizard-can-t-rid-of-this-car-prepping-a-car-for-storage-69-fleetwood-update 13:59

It's back!!! The CAR WIZARD can't rid of this...

4 months ago     31,616 Views    
tanks-tanks-more-tanks-what-the-car-wizard-relives-his-army-days 15:57

TANKS, TANKS & MORE TANKS!!! What??? the CAR ...

4 months ago     24,507 Views    
the-car-wizard-shares-the-top-honda-s-to-buy-not-to-buy 12:29

The CAR WIZARD shares the top HONDA's TO Buy ...

5 months ago     42,897 Views    
part-2-the-car-wizard-shares-10-crazy-easy-and-essential-mechanic-tips-for-the-serious-mechanic 23:28

Part 2: The CAR WIZARD shares 10 Crazy Easy a...

5 months ago     25,943 Views    
cha-ching-car-wizard-finds-lots-of-costly-repairs-in-this-02-vw-beetle-800-auction-buy 23:22

Cha-Ching$$$ CAR WIZARD finds lots of costly ...

5 months ago     25,660 Views    
not-another-northstar-the-car-wizard-introduces-you-to-a-93-cadillac-allante-and-mrs-wizard 14:36

Not another Northstar! The CAR WIZARD introdu...

5 months ago     23,418 Views    
hoovie-finds-the-car-wizard-a-new-ride-for-800-the-car-wizard-has-his-first-lr-discovery-problem 16:18

Hoovie finds the CAR WIZARD a new ride for $8...

5 months ago     22,890 Views    
the-car-wizard-shares-the-top-buick-to-buy-not-to-buy 18:27

The CAR WIZARD shares the top Buick TO Buy & ...

5 months ago     36,083 Views    
huge-update-the-car-wizard-shares-major-developments-in-the-68-caddy-diesel-engine-swap 16:02

Huge Update! The CAR WIZARD shares Major Deve...

6 months ago     17,990 Views    
the-car-wizard-shares-the-top-nissan-cars-to-buy-not-to-buy 14:12

The CAR WIZARD shares the top NISSAN Cars TO ...

6 months ago     30,396 Views    
blown-head-gasket-the-car-wizard-shows-how-test-to-know-for-sure 15:08

Blown Head Gasket??? The CAR WIZARD shows how...

6 months ago     22,995 Views    
why-did-the-the-car-wizard-buy-a-cadillac-with-a-northstar-v8 18:36

Why did the the CAR WIZARD buy a Cadillac wit...

7 months ago     21,285 Views    
the-car-wizard-shares-the-top-cadillac-cars-to-buy-not-to-buy 14:18

The CAR WIZARD shares the top CADILLAC Cars T...

7 months ago     24,062 Views    


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