Bretman Rock

song-association-game-with-my-sis-funnyaf 16:49

Song Association Game with my Sis #funnyaf

3 months ago     499,757 Views    
answering-your-assumptions-about-us-grwm 23:52

Answering your ASSumptions about us + GRWM

4 months ago     379,141 Views    
fast-food-challenge-with-my-sister-lol 17:04

Fast Food Challenge with my Sister LOL

4 months ago     543,923 Views    
shutting-down-the-nyx-cosmetics-store 13:16

Shutting Down!!!! the NYX Cosmetics Store

4 months ago     645,229 Views    
baking-cookies-with-bretmanrock-s-sister 22:00

Baking Cookies with BretmanRock's Sister

5 months ago     507,727 Views    
i-react-to-my-most-iconic-memes-from-2015-now-with-a-twist 20:27

I React to my Most Iconic Memes from 2015- No...

5 months ago     257,532 Views    
a-week-as-da-baddest 19:59


5 months ago     949,256 Views    
we-re-back-and-we-re-eating-my-sister-s-pregnancy-cravings 23:30

We're BACK and We're eating my sister's Pregn...

5 months ago     417,544 Views    
extreme-transformation-on-miss-kay 19:43

Extreme Transformation on Miss Kay

6 months ago     503,435 Views    
cooking-with-my-mom-episode-2-pinakbet 15:58

Cooking with my MOM! " Episode 2 Pinakbet

7 months ago     211,352 Views    
my-new-york-fashion-week-debut 24:40

My New York Fashion Week Debut

8 months ago     255,130 Views    
our-cousin-spilling-all-the-tea-muckbang 18:26

Our Cousin Spilling All the Tea- Muckbang

8 months ago     435,984 Views    
speed-eating-challenge-feat-my-sister-and-cleo 16:38

SPEED EATING CHALLENGE feat. My Sister and Cleo

1 year ago     1,658,189 Views    
eating-some-dry-chicken-feat-my-sister 16:10

Eating some Dry Chicken feat. My Sister

1 year ago     393,649 Views    
my-sister-gets-her-drivers-permit-reviewing-rules-of-the-road 17:08

My Sister gets her Drivers PERMIT- Reviewing ...

1 year ago     681,591 Views    
working-for-the-first-time-ever-feat-my-sister 15:55

Working for the First Time EVER - feat. my Si...

1 year ago     265,226 Views    
doing-and-reviewing-my-makeup-litty-a-mess 16:46

Doing and Reviewing my Makeup LITTY - a mess

1 year ago     344,154 Views    
who-wore-it-best-fashion-nova-shocking-results 10:07

Who wore it Best - Fashion Nova *shocking res...

1 year ago     530,567 Views    
singing-bee-game-funny-af-omg 15:08

Singing Bee Game - FUNNY AF OMG

1 year ago     2,096,660 Views    
seafood-boil-muckbang-she-s-allergic 16:00

Seafood Boil Muckbang- (she's allergic)

1 year ago     1,668,820 Views    


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