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tucker-carlson-stops-war-with-iran-dems-upset 24:53

Tucker Carlson Stops War With Iran! Dems Upset.

3 weeks ago     283,438 Views    
dopey-democrat-wants-a-hillary-clone-in-2020 11:35

Dopey Democrat Wants A Hillary Clone In 2020

2 months ago     72,941 Views    
tucker-carlson-defends-assange-huh 19:32

Tucker Carlson Defends Assange. Huh?

3 months ago     227,961 Views    
tulsi-defends-assange-powerfully-on-cnn 16:38

Tulsi Defends Assange Powerfully On CNN

3 months ago     122,433 Views    
cnn-pretends-truth-of-jussie-smollett-is-unknowable 06:18

CNN Pretends Truth Of Jussie Smollett Is Unkn...

3 months ago     104,538 Views    
rachel-maddow-reacts-to-collapse-of-russiagate 15:00

Rachel Maddow Reacts To Collapse Of Russiagate

3 months ago     62,490 Views    
jre-accidentally-airs-after-show-conversation-w-tim-pool-explained 18:56

JRE Accidentally Airs After Show Conversation...

4 months ago     243,110 Views    
bill-maher-supports-trump-venezuela-coup 11:28

Bill Maher Supports Trump & Venezuela Coup

5 months ago     109,916 Views    
starbucks-ceo-says-cut-social-security-medicare 04:34

Starbucks CEO Says Cut Social Security & Medi...

5 months ago     59,067 Views    
hispanics-should-work-harder-says-tom-brokaw 03:53

"Hispanics Should Work Harder" Says Tom Brokaw

5 months ago     58,520 Views    
nbc-s-bernie-bashing-segment-sponsored-by-defense-contractor 03:03

NBC’s Bernie Bashing Segment Sponsored By Def...

5 months ago     45,333 Views    
nytimes-journo-melts-down-on-joe-rogan-s-show 18:54

NYTimes Journo Melts Down On Joe Rogan's Show

5 months ago     138,841 Views    
trump-illegals-have-best-vehicles-you-can-buy 05:27

Trump: "Illegals Have Best Vehicles You Can Buy”

6 months ago     31,863 Views    
every-congressperson-along-border-opposes-border-wall 18:41

Every Congressperson Along Border Opposes Bor...

6 months ago     42,725 Views    
trump-downgrades-wall-to-steel-barrier 18:53

Trump Downgrades “Wall” To “Steel Barrier”

6 months ago     63,019 Views    
the-new-yorker-scaremongers-over-pot-not-kidding 33:10

The New Yorker Scaremongers Over Pot - Not Ki...

6 months ago     60,904 Views    
dumbest-attack-on-ocasio-cortez-yet-is-huge-fail 10:30

Dumbest Attack On Ocasio-Cortez Yet Is Huge Fail

6 months ago     64,644 Views    
netanyahu-took-bribes-says-israeli-police 04:16

Netanyahu Took Bribes Says Israeli Police

7 months ago     142 Views    
mitt-romney-brags-about-his-power-as-senator 03:36

Mitt Romney Brags About His Power As Senator

7 months ago     255 Views    
media-wets-itself-over-michelle-w-bush-candy-exchange 08:25

Media Wets Itself Over Michelle & W Bush Cand...

7 months ago     54 Views    


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