Rachel & Jun

a-day-in-the-life-of-our-cats 21:11

A day in the life of our cats

6 months ago     89,764 Views    
our-japanese-apartment-tour 17:24

Our Japanese apartment tour!

9 months ago     285,034 Views    
we-hired-a-japanese-moving-company 14:53

We hired a Japanese moving company!

11 months ago     413,620 Views    
we-re-moving 12:35

We're moving!

1 year ago     852,592 Views    
comparing-our-cats 08:56

Comparing our cats

1 year ago     80,248 Views    
50-facts-about-japan-that-are-actually-true 11:13

50 Facts About Japan (that are ACTUALLY TRUE)

1 year ago     49 Views    
how-we-make-videos 11:50

How We Make Videos

2 years ago     54,084 Views    
idiot-s-guide-to-japanese-squat-toilets 04:15

Idiot's Guide to Japanese Squat Toilets

2 years ago     95,251 Views    
hey-world-these-are-japanese-memes 12:28

Hey world, THESE are Japanese memes

2 years ago     3,156,732 Views    
the-japanese-way-to-annoy-cats-cat-gachapon 06:32

The Japanese way to annoy cats | CAT GACHAPON

2 years ago     38,122 Views    
japan-vs-usa-how-different-are-fast-food-menus 05:47

Japan vs USA | How different are fast food me...

2 years ago     85,669 Views    
jun-s-birthday-surprise 11:36

Jun's Birthday Surprise!!

2 years ago     1,102,151 Views    
how-samurai-movies-are-wrong-a-lesson-in-aikido 08:23

How samurai movies are wrong | A lesson in Ai...

2 years ago     2,152,495 Views    
japanese-internet-slang 11:07

Japanese Internet Slang

2 years ago     1,393,761 Views    
how-japan-likes-to-scare-children-akita 07:35

How Japan likes to scare children | Akita

2 years ago     782,150 Views    
rescuing-the-world-s-most-annoying-cat 08:22

Rescuing the world's most annoying cat

2 years ago     11,862,122 Views    
why-do-japanese-mix-up-l-and-r 07:50

Why do Japanese mix up "L" and "R"?

2 years ago     3,321,105 Views    
idiot-s-guide-to-japanese-apartments 04:38

Idiot's Guide to Japanese Apartments

2 years ago     9,643,981 Views    
5-japanese-words-we-need-in-english 08:45

5 Japanese words we need in English

3 years ago     1,433,530 Views    
15-surprising-cultural-differences-to-a-japanese-in-america 10:02


3 years ago     1,594,506 Views    


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