Simple History

gong-farmer-worst-jobs-in-history 05:00

Gong Farmer (Worst Jobs in History)

1 week ago     181,839 Views    
the-soldier-who-fought-in-3-armies 14:25

The Soldier who fought in 3 Armies

2 weeks ago     148,091 Views    
the-ship-that-escaped-capture-disguised-as-a-tropical-island 05:16

The Ship that escaped capture disguised as a ...

3 weeks ago     121,840 Views    
why-hat-making-was-lethal 04:58

Why Hat Making was Lethal

3 weeks ago     232,649 Views    
what-simple-invention-ended-the-wild-west 04:27

What simple invention ended the Wild West?

3 weeks ago     385,573 Views    
the-bob-semple-tank-the-worst-tank-ever-built 10:03

The Bob Semple Tank - "The Worst Tank ever Bu...

1 month ago     537,258 Views    
st-valentine-s-day-massacre-1929 05:59

St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1929)

1 month ago     195,523 Views    
what-food-did-soldiers-eat 10:02

What Food did Soldiers Eat?

1 month ago     156,656 Views    
the-mystery-of-the-9-russian-hikers-found-dead 12:13

The Mystery of the 9 Russian Hikers found Dead

1 month ago     59,656 Views    
de-stalinization-the-secret-speech-1956 04:05

De-Stalinization: The Secret speech (1956)

1 month ago     125,152 Views    
the-french-foreign-legion 10:44

The French Foreign Legion

1 month ago     118,325 Views    
leonardo-da-vinci-s-flying-machines 05:05

Leonardo da Vinci's Flying Machines

1 month ago     154,715 Views    
mao-s-little-red-book 03:52

Mao's Little Red Book

2 months ago     82,170 Views    
the-electrician-who-escaped-the-desert-by-turning-his-car-into-a-motorbike 04:35

The Electrician who escaped the desert by tur...

2 months ago     127,393 Views    
fort-sumter-the-american-civil-war 03:40

Fort Sumter (The American Civil War)

2 months ago     107,798 Views    
the-history-behind-phrases-you-use-today 03:59

The History behind Phrases you use Today

2 months ago     121,196 Views    
human-garden-gnome-weird-jobs-in-history 03:55

Human Garden Gnome (Weird Jobs in History)

2 months ago     68,453 Views    
the-siege-of-leningrad-1941-44 06:33

The Siege of Leningrad (1941-44)

2 months ago     79,464 Views    
the-president-who-avoided-being-eaten-by-cannibals-in-wwii 05:49

The President who avoided being eaten by cann...

2 months ago     257,857 Views    
the-hindenburg-disaster-1937 10:34

The Hindenburg Disaster (1937)

2 months ago     73,116 Views    


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