Shawn James

snakes-my-log-cabin-may-be-a-hibernation-den-this-winter-hibernaculum 04:28

Snakes! My Log Cabin May be a Hibernation Den...

1 week ago     40,850 Views    
not-so-wild-alaska-day-3-bears-salmon-in-the-kenai-river-system 20:35

Not So Wild Alaska Day 3 | Bears, Salmon in t...

1 month ago     43,032 Views    
close-call-sinking-a-boat-in-a-big-lake-interview-with-doug-linker 06:48

Close Call! Sinking a Boat in a Big Lake | In...

2 months ago     36,372 Views    
cedar-wood-for-the-log-cabin-sauna-last-day-for-the-snowmobile 14:47

Cedar Wood for the Log Cabin Sauna, Last Day ...

5 months ago     62,974 Views    
my-1-bushcraft-survival-skill-my-wife-daughter-split-firewood 10:23

My #1 Bushcraft & Survival Skill | My Wife & ...

5 months ago     65,936 Views    
delivery-to-the-cabin-road-trip-and-factory-tour 15:34

Delivery to the Cabin | Road Trip and Factory...

7 months ago     32,244 Views    
sledding-with-my-wife-the-snowmobile-we-bought-and-why 08:11

Sledding with My Wife | The snowmobile we bou...

7 months ago     22,315 Views    
quit-your-job-and-live-the-outdoor-lifestyle-your-questions-answered 12:53

Quit Your Job and Live the Outdoor Lifestyle?...

11 months ago     23,365 Views    
golden-hour-life-hack-52-weeks-to-self-reliance 03:33

Golden Hour Life Hack - 52 Weeks to Self Reli...

1 year ago     17 Views    
self-reliance-for-young-men-in-the-21st-century 04:35

Self Reliance For Young Men in the 21st Century

1 year ago     16 Views    
survival-shotgun-for-the-log-cabin-in-the-wilderness 05:59

Survival Shotgun for the Log Cabin in the Wil...

1 year ago     14 Views    
52-weeks-to-self-reliance-live-within-your-means-how-to-earn-a-living-off-grid 03:31

52 Weeks to Self Reliance: Live Within Your M...

1 year ago     6 Views    
four-youtubers-go-camping-and-fishing 12:03

Four YouTubers Go Camping and Fishing

1 year ago     2 Views    
find-your-nature-relieve-stress 04:13

Find Your Nature, Relieve Stress

1 year ago     0 Views    
shawn-james-growing-up-in-a-small-town 04:38

Shawn James: Growing Up in a Small Town

1 year ago     1 Views    


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