Lance Stewart

i-m-in-a-relationship 08:27

I'm In A Relationship

5 days ago     304,484 Views    
the-best-family-christmas-gifts-opening-ever 22:19


3 weeks ago     110,032 Views    
she-leaked-my-phone-number-this-is-my-reaction 05:30

She Leaked My Phone Number.. This Is My Reaction

1 month ago     141,141 Views    
gorilla-vs-banana-in-public-prank-cops-called 15:46

Gorilla VS Banana In PUBLIC Prank *COPS CALLED*

1 month ago     109,166 Views    
fbi-arrests-omi-in-a-hellcat-live-footage 03:06


1 month ago     307,224 Views    
driving-the-new-car-700-hp 13:49

Driving The NEW CAR! (700+ HP)

1 month ago     54,592 Views    
i-wired-a-horn-to-my-dads-brake-pedal-so-mad-funniest-prank-ever 04:31

I Wired A Horn To My Dads Brake Pedal *SO MAD...

1 month ago     72,079 Views    
where-is-spark-the-truth 15:31

Where is Spark? THE TRUTH..

1 month ago     68,904 Views    
fart-spray-prank-on-grandmom-trapped-in-car 01:48

Fart Spray Prank On Grandmom *TRAPPED IN CAR*

1 month ago     93,485 Views    
escaped-prisoner-prank 08:42

Escaped Prisoner Prank

1 month ago     170,253 Views    
self-destrcutlng-iphone-prank-on-grandmom 19:47

SELF DESTRCUTlNG iPhone Prank On Grandmom

1 month ago     158,508 Views    
barking-at-strangers-in-public-german-shepherd-bark 08:06

BARKING At STRANGERS In Public (German Shephe...

1 month ago     30,664 Views    
we-trashed-my-apartment-bad-idea 24:56

We TRASHED My Apartment.. (Bad Idea)

1 month ago     137,726 Views    
it-s-been-rough 16:25

It's been rough..

2 months ago     192,744 Views    
we-are-no-longer-friends-after-this 11:31

We are no longer friends after this..

3 months ago     256,613 Views    
copying-everything-my-family-does-for-24-hours 10:13

Copying EVERYTHING My Family Does For 24 HOURS

4 months ago     227,998 Views    
this-was-such-a-bad-idea-worst-fail-ever 20:03

This was such a BAD Idea.. (Worst FAIL EVER)

4 months ago     150,240 Views    
dynamlte-stuck-to-hand-escape-challenge 05:37

DYNAMlTE Stuck To Hand! (Escape Challenge)

4 months ago     259,969 Views    
my-r8-windshield-was-smashed-spray-paint-joke-gone-wrong 05:06

My R8 Windshield Was SMASHED! (Spray Paint Jo...

4 months ago     136,566 Views    
someone-spray-painted-my-audi-r8-caught-on-camera 19:49

Someone SPRAY PAINTED My Audi R8! *Caught On ...

4 months ago     100,552 Views    


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