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what-s-the-difference-between-a-pony-and-a-horse-and-a-donkey-and-a-mule 08:37

What's the Difference Between a Pony and a Ho...

6 months ago     20,450 Views    
is-it-actually-possible-to-tip-a-cow 10:17

Is It Actually Possible to Tip a Cow?

6 months ago     26,712 Views    
is-vladimir-putin-the-actual-richest-person-in-the-world 28:38

Is Vladimir Putin the Actual Richest Person i...

6 months ago     211,488 Views    
who-invented-the-keyboard-and-is-the-dvorak-really-better-than-the-qwerty 14:04

Who Invented the Keyboard and is the Dvorak R...

6 months ago     29,421 Views    
the-legendary-black-samurai 12:14

The Legendary Black Samurai

7 months ago     156,560 Views    
has-any-passenger-ever-landed-a-commercial-airliner-and-how-likely-is-it-you-could 25:58

Has Any Passenger Ever Landed a Commercial Ai...

7 months ago     57,679 Views    
how-many-times-can-you-shoot-a-bulletproof-vest-before-it-stops-working 11:06

How Many Times Can You Shoot a Bulletproof Ve...

1 year ago     171,428 Views    
stealing-1st-from-2nd-the-hilarious-herman-schaefer 08:04

Stealing 1st from 2nd: The Hilarious Herman S...

1 year ago     47,020 Views    
what-is-the-difference-between-bees-wasps-and-hornets 07:02

What is the Difference Between Bees, Wasps, a...

1 year ago     25,046 Views    
how-do-the-insanely-wealthy-actually-pay-for-something-worth-hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars 14:28

How Do the Insanely Wealthy Actually Pay for ...

1 year ago     22,965 Views    
baseball-s-muddy-business-and-how-it-might-end 15:00

Baseball's Muddy Business and How It Might End

1 year ago     76,743 Views    
has-anyone-ever-actually-tied-a-damsel-in-distress-to-a-railroad-track 08:32

Has Anyone Ever Actually Tied a Damsel in Dis...

1 year ago     34,998 Views    
what-were-those-weird-metal-things-on-the-beaches-during-the-normandy-invasion 08:02

What Were Those Weird Metal Things on the Bea...

1 year ago     152,068 Views    
what-happened-to-dead-bodies-after-big-battles-throughout-history 11:38

What Happened to Dead Bodies After Big Battle...

1 year ago     327,353 Views    
suicide-bombers-living-food-storage-vessels-and-more-the-amazing-ant 08:20

Suicide Bombers, Living Food Storage Vessels ...

1 year ago     22,236 Views    
a-giant-african-elephant-and-the-truth-about-jumbo 07:47

A Giant African Elephant and the Truth About ...

1 year ago     20,407 Views    
a-murder-of-crows-and-the-exploding-toad-epidemic 02:35

A Murder of Crows and the Exploding Toad Epid...

1 year ago     35,288 Views    
that-time-lincoln-came-inches-from-being-assassinated-a-few-months-before-he-was-assassinated 05:45

That Time Lincoln Came Inches from Being Assa...

1 year ago     13,073 Views    
why-does-standing-in-one-place-make-your-legs-more-sore-than-walking 04:29

Why Does Standing in One Place Make Your Legs...

1 year ago     28,698 Views    
why-week-why-do-fish-float-upside-down-when-they-die 03:39

Why Week: Why Do Fish Float Upside Down When ...

1 year ago     30,619 Views    


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