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the-shockingly-old-origin-of-the-fax-machine 07:50

The Shockingly Old Origin of the Fax Machine

1 week ago     15,074 Views    
how-did-the-practice-of-putting-candles-on-birthday-cakes-start 11:27

How Did the Practice of Putting Candles on Bi...

2 weeks ago     54,086 Views    
why-does-the-same-side-of-the-moon-always-face-the-earth 07:34

Why Does the Same Side of the Moon Always Fac...

2 weeks ago     89,603 Views    
who-started-the-moon-landing-hoax-conspiracy-theory 19:41

Who Started the Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy ...

2 weeks ago     467,581 Views    
that-time-a-leonardo-dicaprio-haircut-had-the-taliban-in-a-rage 04:09

That Time a Leonardo DiCaprio Haircut Had the...

3 weeks ago     108,041 Views    
how-do-birds-stop-from-falling-off-branches-while-they-sleep 03:05

How Do Birds Stop From Falling Off Branches W...

3 weeks ago     64,669 Views    
what-happens-when-someone-does-object-during-a-wedding 07:37

What Happens When Someone DOES Object During ...

3 weeks ago     70,419 Views    
that-time-art-was-an-official-olympic-sport 08:35

That Time Art was an Official Olympic Sport

3 weeks ago     33,954 Views    
could-you-really-legally-kill-someone-with-a-wanted-dead-or-alive-bounty-on-their-head 11:45

Could You Really Legally Kill Someone with a ...

3 weeks ago     408,524 Views    
does-dried-rice-or-alka-seltzer-really-cause-birds-stomachs-to-explode 08:10

Does Dried Rice or Alka-Seltzer Really Cause ...

4 weeks ago     124,188 Views    
melting-cars-the-walkie-scorchie-building 04:17

Melting Cars: The "Walkie Scorchie" Building

1 month ago     126,997 Views    
the-curious-case-of-the-green-children-of-woolpit 05:59

The Curious Case of the Green Children of Woo...

1 month ago     213,234 Views    
the-bizarre-spending-habits-of-nicolas-cage-reissue 12:38

The Bizarre Spending Habits of Nicolas Cage [...

1 month ago     26,651 Views    
who-first-got-the-idea-to-answer-the-question-guess-what-with-chicken-butt 06:03

Who First Got the Idea to Answer the Question...

1 month ago     20,465 Views    
why-doesn-t-the-u-s-use-the-metric-system 22:36

Why Doesn't the U.S. Use the Metric System?

1 month ago     378,605 Views    
what-causes-the-smell-after-rain 06:25

What Causes the Smell After Rain?

1 month ago     87,716 Views    
what-does-being-shot-actually-feel-like 09:32

What Does Being Shot Actually Feel Like?

1 month ago     120,867 Views    
why-were-executions-held-at-midnight 08:52

Why Were Executions Held at Midnight?

1 month ago     33,187 Views    
how-did-people-know-when-to-get-up-in-the-morning-before-alarm-clocks 06:54

How Did People Know When To Get Up in the Mor...

1 month ago     36,248 Views    
what-s-the-deal-with-the-goodyear-blimp 05:11

What's the Deal with the Goodyear Blimp?

2 months ago     46,072 Views    


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