Derek Van Schaik

does-body-language-prove-bob-lazar-actually-worked-on-alien-spacecraft-at-area-51 1:03:49

Does Body Language Prove Bob Lazar Actually W...

3 weeks ago     27,868 Views    
body-language-proof-james-charles-lied-to-you-in-his-apology-james-charles-tati-feud-breakdown 13:38

Body Language Proof James Charles Lied To You...

3 months ago     28,883 Views    
watch-these-fbi-interrogation-tactics-crack-chris-watts-family-murderer-into-finally-confessing 47:56

Watch These FBI Interrogation Tactics Crack C...

7 months ago     122,360 Views    
watch-how-police-caught-chris-watts-family-murderer-with-body-language-police-body-cameras 37:33

Watch How Police Caught Chris Watts, Family M...

8 months ago     4,267,341 Views    
body-language-of-how-jake-paul-manipulated-shane-dawson-in-shane-s-jake-paul-series 33:53

Body Language of How Jake Paul Manipulated Sh...

9 months ago     21 Views    
body-language-proof-chris-watts-murdered-his-two-young-daughters 16:11

Body Language Proof Chris Watts Murdered His ...

10 months ago     33 Views    
does-jake-paul-s-body-language-prove-he-lied-in-shane-dawson-s-inside-the-mind-of-jake-paul 13:56

Does Jake Paul’s Body Language Prove He LIED ...

10 months ago     17 Views    
does-alissa-violet-s-body-language-prove-she-lied-in-shane-dawson-s-the-ex-girlfriend-of-jake-paul 16:47

Does Alissa Violet’s Body Language Prove She ...

10 months ago     5 Views    
body-language-proof-jake-paul-lied-in-shane-dawson-s-the-secrets-of-jake-paul 11:40

Body Language Proof Jake Paul LIED In Shane D...

10 months ago     6 Views    
what-secrets-does-body-language-reveal-in-shane-dawson-s-the-world-of-jake-paul-interview 20:49

What secrets does body language reveal in Sha...

10 months ago     3 Views    
all-the-proof-you-need-that-jake-paul-is-a-sociopath 20:38

All The PROOF You Need That JAKE PAUL Is A SO...

10 months ago     5 Views    
does-body-language-prove-chris-watts-is-guilty-of-doing-the-unthinkable-to-his-two-young-daughters 16:23

Does Body Language Prove Chris Watts Is GUILT...

11 months ago     2 Views    
does-body-language-prove-chris-watts-murdered-his-two-young-daughters 12:39

Does Body Language Prove Chris Watts Murdered...

11 months ago     4 Views    
5-reasons-mark-zuckerberg-s-body-language-makes-him-appear-evil 09:32

5 Reasons Mark Zuckerberg’s Body Language Mak...

1 year ago     5 Views    
justin-trudeau-cries-a-lot-should-leaders-cry 07:21

Justin Trudeau Cries A LOT - SHOULD LEADERS CRY?

1 year ago     1 Views    
does-body-language-prove-trump-was-lying-that-he-misspoke-at-the-helsinki-summit-with-putin 08:33

Does Body Language Prove Trump Was Lying That...

1 year ago     3 Views    
does-body-language-prove-donald-trump-colluded-with-russia-to-win-the-presidential-election 11:38

Does Body Language Prove Donald Trump Collude...

1 year ago     762 Views    
this-trump-negotiating-tactic-actually-works-trump-nato-breakfast 06:45

This Trump Negotiating Tactic ACTUALLY WORKS ...

1 year ago     115 Views    
does-body-language-prove-justin-trudeau-canada-prime-minister-was-lying-about-groping-a-woman 09:15

Does Body Language Prove Justin Trudeau, Cana...

1 year ago     2 Views    
does-body-language-expose-secrets-at-the-2018-fifa-world-cup 08:16

Does Body Language Expose Secrets at the 2018...

1 year ago     2 Views    


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