Everyday Astronaut

watch-india-attempt-to-land-softly-on-the-moon 3:08:37

Watch India attempt to land softly on the moon!

1 week ago     92,449 Views    
slow-motion-4k-starhopper-150m-hop-and-copv-flying-off-1-5-miles-away 11:22

Slow Motion 4K StarHopper 150m Hop and COPV f...

3 weeks ago     51,977 Views    
spacex-starhopper-150-meter-hop-test-hd-loud-live-1-5-miles-away 2:16:43

SpaceX StarHopper 150 meter hop test HD (LOUD...

3 weeks ago     479,200 Views    
scrub-starhopper-150-meter-hop-test-live-1-5-miles-away 3:45:14

(SCRUB) StarHopper 150 meter hop test (LIVE 1...

3 weeks ago     693,047 Views    
watch-rocket-lab-s-8th-launch-look-ma-no-hands 57:39

Watch Rocket Lab's 8th launch - "Look Ma, No ...

1 month ago     37,462 Views    
can-rocket-lab-really-catch-a-rocket-with-a-helicopter 27:27

Can Rocket Lab really catch a rocket with a h...

1 month ago     23,184 Views    
watch-spacex-say-goodbye-to-a-block-5-booster-amos-17-mission 1:17:33

Watch SpaceX say goodbye to a Block 5 booster...

1 month ago     58,751 Views    
scrub-watch-spacex-s-starhopper-attempt-to-hop-20-meters-untethered 4:05:27

(SCRUB) Watch SpaceX's StarHopper attempt to ...

1 month ago     205,982 Views    
why-do-cylindrical-rockets-roll 22:38

Why do cylindrical rockets roll?

3 months ago     41,884 Views    
watch-spacex-launch-their-most-expensive-payload-ever-radarsat 1:52:29

Watch SpaceX launch their most expensive payl...

3 months ago     131,312 Views    
is-spacex-s-raptor-engine-the-king-of-rocket-engines 49:02

Is SpaceX's Raptor engine the king of rocket ...

3 months ago     55,912 Views    
watch-spacex-launch-60-starlink-satellites-in-one-launch 1:58:47

Watch SpaceX launch 60 Starlink satellites in...

3 months ago     127,159 Views    
why-have-spacex-boeing-blue-origin-ditched-abort-towers 19:28

Why have SpaceX, Boeing & Blue Origin ditched...

4 months ago     68,085 Views    
falcon-heavy-slo-mo-launch-and-landing-watch-the-sound-ripple-through-the-exhaust-at-120-fps 02:46

Falcon Heavy slo-mo launch and landing (Watch...

5 months ago     103,570 Views    
watch-spacex-s-second-falcon-heavy-launch-live-from-5-miles-away 1:36:28

Watch SpaceX's second Falcon Heavy launch LIV...

5 months ago     258,116 Views    
live-next-to-falcon-heavy 09:21

Live next to Falcon Heavy

5 months ago     21,638 Views    
live-at-spacex-s-starhopper-test 1:19:11

Live at SpaceX’s StarHopper test!

5 months ago     55,898 Views    
live-from-spacex-s-starhopper-first-test 08:11

Live from SpaceX’s StarHopper (first test)

5 months ago     49,904 Views    
watch-spacex-launch-their-first-crew-dragon-capsule-from-just-5km-away-live-at-ksc 1:23:48

Watch SpaceX launch their first Crew Dragon C...

6 months ago     105,664 Views    
how-spacex-and-boeing-will-get-astronauts-to-the-iss 30:11

How SpaceX and Boeing will get Astronauts to ...

6 months ago     32,786 Views    


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