anime-in-2019 28:56

Anime in 2019

5 days ago     217,315 Views    
the-fall-of-mecha 14:15

The Fall of Mecha

1 month ago     245,830 Views    
why-i-love-bad-anime 14:11

Why I Love Bad Anime

1 month ago     162,372 Views    
waifu-s-are-finally-becoming-real 06:52

Waifu's Are Finally Becoming Real

1 month ago     278,497 Views    
anime-vs-manga-fans-an-honest-breakdown 09:30

Anime vs Manga Fans: An Honest Breakdown

2 months ago     106,512 Views    
fall-anime-2019-in-a-nutshell 14:33

Fall Anime 2019 in a Nutshell

2 months ago     219,928 Views    
devil-is-a-part-timer-a-mcdonald-s-isekai 10:56

Devil is a Part-Timer: A McDonald's Isekai

2 months ago     118,720 Views    
stop-sleeping-on-vinland-saga 12:01

Stop Sleeping on Vinland Saga.

4 months ago     159,115 Views    
demon-slayer-is-a-work-of-art 13:11

Demon Slayer is a Work of Art

5 months ago     262,344 Views    
summer-anime-2019-in-a-nutshell 14:32

Summer Anime 2019 in a Nutshell

5 months ago     406,761 Views    
thank-you-kyoto-animation 10:00

Thank You Kyoto Animation.

6 months ago     531,445 Views    
attack-on-titan-is-incredible-now 22:58

Attack on Titan is Incredible Now.

6 months ago     1,817,794 Views    
the-waifu-that-didn-t-deserve-to-die 12:02

The Waifu That Didn't Deserve To Die

6 months ago     312,116 Views    
basically-netflix-s-evangelion 05:48

Basically, Netflix's Evangelion

7 months ago     264,573 Views    
one-punch-man-s2-a-step-down 14:06

One Punch Man S2: A Step Down

7 months ago     160,716 Views    
the-best-revenge-story-in-anime 08:12

The Best Revenge Story in Anime

7 months ago     129,488 Views    
the-waifu-tier-list 10:02

The Waifu Tier List

8 months ago     289,352 Views    
the-death-of-classic-anime 13:50

The Death of Classic Anime

8 months ago     173,672 Views    
spring-anime-2019-in-a-nutshell 14:46

Spring Anime 2019 in a Nutshell

9 months ago     386,670 Views    
the-art-of-ending-an-anime 16:50

The Art of Ending an Anime

10 months ago     262,552 Views    


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