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cnn-s-brian-stelter-shocked-by-sam-donaldson-completely-crushes-sarah-sanders-lies 39:18

CNN's Brian Stelter SHOCKED by Sam Donaldson ...

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cnn-s-fareed-zakaria-gps-the-life-and-legacy-of-president-george-h-w-bush 37:54

CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS: The life and legacy...

5 months ago     3 Views    
cnn-anderson-cooper-shocked-by-jim-acosta-s-brilliant-reaction-to-trump-s-bizarre-at-the-g20-summit 41:18

CNN Anderson Cooper SHOCKED by Jim Acosta's B...

5 months ago     29 Views    
ivanka-shocked-stunned-after-erin-burnett-reveals-ivanka-had-knowledge-of-trump-tower-moscow-plans 14:26

Ivanka SHOCKED & STUNNED After Erin Burnett R...

5 months ago     1 Views    
cnn-s-don-lemon-exposes-president-trump-as-a-traitor-and-liear-at-the-g20-summit 38:03

CNN's Don Lemon EXPOSES President Trump As a ...

5 months ago     1 Views    
cnn-s-jim-acosta-warn-trump-s-absurd-behaviour-is-america-s-disgrace-at-the-g20-summit 38:20

CNN's Jim Acosta WARN Trump's Absurd Behaviou...

5 months ago     2 Views    
trump-shocked-stunned-after-michael-cohen-reveal-trump-s-russia-secrets 19:47

TRUMP SHOCKED & STUNNED After Michael Cohen R...

5 months ago     2 Views    
trump-collapses-cnn-s-jake-tapper-wow-that-s-a-lot-of-trump-falsehoods 21:53

"TRUMP COLLAPSES" CNN's Jake Tapper: Wow, Th...

5 months ago     15 Views    
wonderful-dad-george-h-w-bush-s-last-words-revealed 16:10

“WONDERFUL DAD.” George H.W. Bush’s Last Word...

5 months ago     4 Views    
trump-seems-rattled-by-michael-cohen-reveal-trump-s-russia-secrets 32:09


5 months ago     31 Views    
cnn-s-wolf-blitzer-mocked-trump-s-failure-at-the-g20-summit-as-america-s-disgrace 21:31

CNN's Wolf Blitzer MOCKED Trump's FAILURE At ...

5 months ago     6 Views    
trump-shocked-after-cnn-s-erin-burnett-saying-hoax-witch-hunt-means-you-re-siding-with-russia 27:55

TRUMP SHOCKED After CNN's Erin Burnett: Sayin...

5 months ago     39 Views    
ivanka-shocked-stunned-after-jake-tapper-reveals-ivanka-had-knowledge-of-trump-tower-moscow-plans 11:16

Ivanka SHOCKED & STUNNED After Jake Tapper RE...

5 months ago     108 Views    
cnn-s-wolf-blitzer-shocked-by-jim-acosta-humiliates-sarah-sanders-trump-as-a-congenital-liar 42:27

CNN's Wolf Blitzer SHOCKED by Jim Acosta HUM...

5 months ago     7 Views    
ivanka-and-trump-jr-in-hot-water-as-investigators-obtain-evidence-that-proves-he-committed-perjury 25:38

Ivanka and Trump Jr. in hot water as investig...

5 months ago     17 Views    
this-presidency-is-a-joke-cnn-s-jake-tapper-exposes-the-trump-administration-as-a-bunch-of-liars 21:39

"This Presidency Is A Joke!" CNN's Jake Tappe...

5 months ago     3 Views    
this-will-end-trump-s-presidency-after-mueller-probing-invanka-don-jr-in-moscow-project 23:20

"This Will End Trump's Presidency!" After Mue...

5 months ago     3 Views    
cnn-s-anderson-cooper-just-humiliated-trump-in-a-heated-debate-president-is-a-disgrace 44:29

CNN's Anderson Cooper Just HUMILIATED Trump I...

5 months ago     3 Views    
bye-bye-trump-cnn-don-lemon-reveals-entire-trump-family-will-be-snared-by-russian-investigation 21:58

'Bye.Bye.Trump !' CNN Don Lemon Reveals Entir...

5 months ago     22 Views    
trump-shocked-stunned-after-cnn-s-don-lemon-michael-cohen-believed-trump-would-pardon-him 47:52


5 months ago     5 Views    


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