hondaru-2-0-hits-the-dyno 23:11

Hondaru 2.0 Hits The Dyno!

2 days ago     43,912 Views    
v8-challenger-challenges-hondaru-to-a-race 20:35

V8 Challenger Challenges Hondaru To A Race!

4 days ago     174,850 Views    
we-had-the-whole-drag-strip-to-ourselves-50-minute-special 49:09

We Had The WHOLE DRAG STRIP To Ourselves! (50...

5 days ago     257,760 Views    
broke-hondaru-at-the-track-already-back-in-action 24:31

Broke Hondaru at the Track, Already Back In A...

1 week ago     159,276 Views    
taking-the-1000hp-prelude-down-the-track-for-the-first-time 26:27

Taking The 1000Hp Prelude Down the Track For ...

1 week ago     46,640 Views    
hondaru-2-0-is-ready-to-make-some-boost 13:57

Hondaru 2.0 Is Ready To Make Some Boost!

1 week ago     98,944 Views    
1000hp-prelude-hits-the-dyno 21:01

1000Hp Prelude Hits The Dyno!

1 week ago     69,782 Views    
hondaru-gets-a-full-10-point-roll-cage 13:13

Hondaru Gets A Full 10 Point Roll Cage!

2 weeks ago     50,603 Views    
we-bought-a-1000hp-honda-prelude 29:04


2 weeks ago     147,697 Views    
hondaru-2-0-is-alive 26:51

Hondaru 2.0 Is ALIVE!

3 weeks ago     25,625 Views    
taking-wago-out-on-the-new-setup 18:25

Taking Wago Out On The New Setup!

3 weeks ago     59,882 Views    
the-built-engine-for-hondaru-is-in 16:55

The Built Engine For Hondaru Is In!

3 weeks ago     67,379 Views    
hondaru-s-new-fully-built-engine-is-ready-to-go-in 19:50

Hondaru's New Fully Built Engine Is Ready To ...

4 weeks ago     84,053 Views    
first-time-driving-my-civic-maxed-out-on-the-street 19:10

First Time Driving My Civic Maxed Out on the ...

1 month ago     82,883 Views    
motionautotv-s-civic-comes-to-the-shop-for-a-tune 20:07

MotionAutoTV's Civic Comes To The Shop For a ...

1 month ago     30,061 Views    
assembling-the-built-bottom-end-for-hondaru 20:50

Assembling The Built Bottom End For Hondaru!

1 month ago     77,136 Views    
learning-how-to-tune-with-wago 15:38

Learning How To Tune With Wago!

1 month ago     70,159 Views    
the-new-heads-for-the-mr2-and-hondaru-are-insane 18:19

The New Heads For The Mr2 and Hondaru are INS...

1 month ago     77,475 Views    
we-finally-got-a-lift-for-the-shop 18:51

We FINALLY Got A Lift For The Shop!

1 month ago     34,515 Views    
giving-the-shop-a-makeover 19:17

Giving The Shop a Makeover!

1 month ago     108,954 Views    


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