walter santi

best-gift-for-the-cat-who-loves-climbing 04:18

Best Gift For The Cat Who Loves Climbing !!

1 day ago     16,952 Views    
kittens-almost-didn-t-recognize-the-mother-cat-after-her-clinic-visit 03:27

Kittens Almost Didn't Recognize The Mother Ca...

1 week ago     44,978 Views    
cat-won-t-let-go-of-the-food-container 02:12

Cat won’t let go of the food container!!

2 weeks ago     25,066 Views    
a-very-patient-mother-cat-with-5-crazy-active-kittens 04:44

A very patient mother cat with 5 crazy active...

4 weeks ago     287,553 Views    
i-followed-this-limping-mother-cat-and-found-her-whole-family-in-the-bushes 06:53

I followed this limping mother cat and found ...

1 month ago     114,229 Views    
goalkeeper-cat-ready-for-the-new-season-impossible-saves-in-slow-motion 02:50

Goalkeeper Cat ready for the new season!! Imp...

1 month ago     90,129 Views    
cat-is-super-happy-because-she-left-the-clinic-after-treatment 03:47

Cat is super happy because she left the clini...

2 months ago     79,237 Views    
two-cats-and-one-common-enemy 03:36

Two cats and one common enemy

3 months ago     71,884 Views    
this-cat-has-the-cutest-stare 01:53

This cat has the cutest stare

4 months ago     60,345 Views    
our-cats-always-follow-me-when-the-deliveryman-brings-a-package 04:44

Our cats always follow me when the deliveryma...

4 months ago     70,177 Views    
cats-realize-the-door-is-open-and-they-start-an-invasion 04:51

Cats realize the door is open and they start ...

4 months ago     695,696 Views    
our-cats-never-let-the-neighbor-s-dog-enter-our-garden 02:06

Our cats never let the neighbor's dog enter o...

5 months ago     125,022 Views    
cat-convoy-following-my-dad 02:48

Cat convoy following my dad

5 months ago     88,966 Views    
walter-s-7th-birthday-a-special-meal-for-my-boy 03:01

Walter's 7th birthday!! A special meal for my...

7 months ago     1,242 Views    
the-goalkeeper-cat-and-his-best-saves 02:41

The goalkeeper cat and his best saves !!

8 months ago     576,369 Views    
retired-cat-now-lives-a-quiet-life 02:29

Retired cat now lives a quiet life

9 months ago     53 Views    
cat-thinks-he-s-been-cheated-on 03:18

Cat thinks he's been cheated on

10 months ago     110,393 Views    
cat-doesn-t-want-to-leave-the-kitchen 01:58

Cat doesn't want to leave the kitchen

11 months ago     35 Views    
kitten-and-the-mirror-ep-2 02:19

Kitten and the mirror (Ep. 2)

11 months ago     43 Views    
everyone-needs-a-little-help-sometimes-worldanimalday 02:57

Everyone needs a little help sometimes #World...

11 months ago     51 Views    


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