Asian Crush

people-treat-you-differently-when-you-re-hot-af-clip-from-200-pounds-beauty 14:21

People treat you differently when you're hot ...

1 day ago     116,147 Views    
girls-and-ghosts-won-t-stop-flirting-with-the-new-guy-at-school-korean-horror-mourning-grave 13:46

Girls and ghosts won't stop flirting with the...

6 days ago     47,519 Views    
cha-eunwoo-wants-to-be-my-boyfriend-instead-clip-from-sweet-revenge 06:57

Cha Eunwoo wants to be my boyfriend instead |...

2 weeks ago     203,844 Views    
when-a-handsome-vampire-gives-you-mouth-to-mouth-clip-from-scholar-who-walks-the-night 16:13

When a handsome vampire gives you mouth-to-mo...

3 weeks ago     104,503 Views    
foreign-exchange-student-wants-to-flirt-with-her-crush-but-strange-tales-of-love-strangers 12:17

Foreign exchange student wants to flirt with ...

3 weeks ago     91,298 Views    
when-your-cute-pet-transforms-into-a-hot-human-clip-from-the-destiny-of-white-snake 10:14

When your cute pet transforms into a hot huma...

3 weeks ago     261,093 Views    
her-rich-boyfriend-can-t-understand-why-she-won-t-take-his-money-kris-wu-in-so-young-2-never-gone 15:56

Her rich boyfriend can't understand why she w...

4 weeks ago     106,259 Views    
she-s-fifteen-pregnant-but-her-family-still-doesn-t-know-clip-from-jenny-juno 10:22

She's fifteen & pregnant, but her family stil...

4 weeks ago     100,135 Views    
i-m-caught-in-a-sexy-demon-love-triangle-clip-from-battle-of-demons-2 14:29

I'm caught in a sexy demon love triangle | Cl...

1 month ago     364,230 Views    
my-roommate-s-fans-don-t-that-he-s-living-with-girls-korean-web-drama-4-different-houses 11:35

My roommate's fans don't that he's living wit...

1 month ago     46,423 Views    
having-a-crush-on-your-roommate-is-awkward-af-korean-web-drama-4-different-houses 12:19

Having a crush on your roommate is awkward af...

1 month ago     235,883 Views    
my-hot-roommate-found-out-i-m-actually-a-lady-sound-fixed-4-different-houses-korean-drama 10:46

My hot roommate found out I'm actually a lady...

1 month ago     99,808 Views    
i-m-getting-strange-fuzzy-feelings-for-my-roommate-korean-web-drama-4-different-houses 12:57

I'm getting strange fuzzy feelings for my roo...

1 month ago     163,783 Views    
a-former-killer-learns-to-love-again-clip-from-sunflower 13:27

A former killer learns to love again | Clip f...

1 month ago     148,000 Views    
she-s-married-to-the-king-but-her-bold-tailor-makes-her-smile-park-shin-hye-in-the-royal-tailor 13:58

She's married to the king, but her bold tailo...

1 month ago     188,321 Views    
when-your-handsome-oppa-s-actually-your-handsome-unnie-clip-from-sweet-revenge-2 12:00

When your handsome oppa's actually your hands...

1 month ago     263,955 Views    
in-the-bath-her-bodyguard-teaches-her-to-use-her-beauty-as-a-weapon-bloody-romance 11:04

In the bath, her bodyguard teaches her to use...

1 month ago     72,413 Views    
my-crush-is-finally-telling-me-how-he-really-feels-clip-from-sweet-revenge-2 11:02

My crush is finally telling me how he really ...

1 month ago     190,800 Views    
she-s-being-courted-by-three-demons-for-her-hand-in-marriage-clip-from-battle-of-demons 14:54

She's being courted by three demons for her h...

1 month ago     130,383 Views    
i-m-finally-dating-the-guy-of-my-dreams-but-not-everyone-s-happy-for-us-eunwoo-in-sweet-revenge 13:21

I'm finally dating the guy of my dreams, but ...

1 month ago     488,390 Views    


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