tippies life

what-i-got-my-friends-for-christmas-things-i-bought-myself 14:05

what i got my friends for christmas + things ...

6 months ago     30,761 Views    
a-day-of-self-care 08:25

a day of self care

6 months ago     42,539 Views    
hair-transformation-long-hair-to-short-hair 04:24

hair transformation: long hair to short hair

6 months ago     23,922 Views    
first-time-in-a-tesla-reaction 11:33

first time in a Tesla reaction...

7 months ago     94,587 Views    
giving-our-house-a-christmas-makeover-vlogmas-day-2 10:30

giving our house a christmas makeover! Vlogma...

7 months ago     31,720 Views    
finding-love-at-vidcon-1-year-later 11:28

finding love at VidCon, 1 year later

11 months ago     111,827 Views    
giving-my-office-a-makeover-decorating-my-apartment 05:26

Giving My Office A Makeover! Decorating My Ap...

1 year ago     144,383 Views    
huge-apartment-decor-haul-apartment-decorating 05:29

Huge Apartment Decor Haul! Apartment decorating!

1 year ago     85,142 Views    
boyfriend-apartment-tour-he-finally-moved-in 10:37

Boyfriend Apartment Tour! He Finally Moved In!

1 year ago     174,620 Views    
our-last-time-being-a-long-distance-relationship 12:47

our last time being a long distance relationship

1 year ago     216,972 Views    
everything-i-bought-that-i-didn-t-need-haul-favorites 10:02

everything i bought that i didn't need haul &...

1 year ago     104,940 Views    
how-i-prepare-for-my-trips-to-florida-pack-prep-with-me 13:55

how i prepare for my trips to florida! pack &...

1 year ago     58,958 Views    
the-pham-girls-give-you-juicy-advice 11:16

The Pham Girls Give You JUICY Advice

1 year ago     47,910 Views    
testing-blush-a-youtuber-recommended 10:30

testing blush a youtuber recommended

1 year ago     81,601 Views    
is-this-50-bronzer-worth-the-hype 17:42

is this $50 bronzer worth the hype?

1 year ago     115,396 Views    
i-tested-7-kylie-jenner-lip-kits-i-m-disappointed 17:38

i tested 7 kylie jenner lip kits (i'm disappo...

1 year ago     104,131 Views    
why-i-want-to-make-money 13:13

why i want to make money

1 year ago     79,291 Views    
chicago-is-fun-but-scary 10:34

Chicago is Fun but Scary!

1 year ago     1,064 Views    
ugly-to-more-ugly-transformation-in-24-hours-vlogmas-day-1 10:56

ugly to more ugly transformation in 24 hours ...

1 year ago     95,524 Views    
vlogmas-intro-2018-haley-pham 00:29

vlogmas intro 2018 - haley pham

1 year ago     2,012 Views    


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