Evan Braddock

blitz-the-tank-engine-in-rainbow-six-siege 10:23

Blitz the Tank Engine in Rainbow Six Siege

18 hours ago     135,137 Views    
lion-nerf-we-deserve-in-rainbow-six-siege 09:14

Lion Nerf We Deserve in Rainbow Six Siege

1 week ago     148,073 Views    
the-new-and-improved-rainbow-six-siege 10:12

The New and Improved Rainbow Six Siege

2 weeks ago     48,222 Views    
getting-ddos-d-in-ranked-in-rainbow-six-siege 10:28

Getting DDoS'd in Ranked in Rainbow Six Siege

3 weeks ago     52,182 Views    
rainbow-six-siege-gone-wrong-alpha-pack-opening 11:13

Rainbow Six Siege Gone Wrong (Alpha Pack Open...

3 weeks ago     105,409 Views    
trolling-the-newcomer-playlist-in-rainbow-six-siege 10:52

Trolling the Newcomer Playlist in Rainbow Six...

3 weeks ago     100,602 Views    
most-annoying-combo-in-rainbow-six-siege 10:05

Most Annoying Combo in Rainbow Six Siege

1 month ago     138,624 Views    
rainbow-six-siege-has-a-big-problem 10:33

Rainbow Six Siege Has a BIG Problem

1 month ago     143,641 Views    
rainbow-six-siege-never-stood-a-chance-test-server-gameplay 10:03

Rainbow Six Siege Never Stood a Chance (Test ...

1 month ago     125,241 Views    
hot-breach-meta-is-back-in-rainbow-six-siege-test-server-gameplay 10:31

Hot Breach Meta is Back in Rainbow Six Siege ...

1 month ago     130,223 Views    
burnt-horizon-has-arrived-in-rainbow-six-siege-test-server-gameplay 08:27

Burnt Horizon has Arrived in Rainbow Six Sieg...

2 months ago     187,313 Views    
free-weekend-noobs-in-rainbow-six-siege 11:45

Free Weekend Noobs in Rainbow Six Siege

2 months ago     123,283 Views    
rip-ash-acog-in-rainbow-six-siege-alpha-pack-opening 10:25

RIP Ash ACOG in Rainbow Six Siege (Alpha Pack...

2 months ago     108,148 Views    
lmg-meta-is-back-in-rainbow-six-siege 09:09

LMG Meta is Back in Rainbow Six Siege

2 months ago     71,679 Views    
getting-under-the-map-in-rainbow-six-siege 10:20

Getting Under the Map in Rainbow Six Siege

2 months ago     134,202 Views    
the-worst-gamemode-in-rainbow-six-siege 10:36

The Worst Gamemode in Rainbow Six Siege

2 months ago     132,351 Views    
accepting-defeat-in-rainbow-six-siege 08:17

Accepting Defeat in Rainbow Six Siege

2 months ago     57,266 Views    
best-gamemode-in-rainbow-six-siege-road-to-s-i 11:53

Best Gamemode in Rainbow Six Siege (Road to S...

2 months ago     98,874 Views    
most-op-gun-in-rainbow-six-siege 10:05

Most OP Gun in Rainbow Six Siege

2 months ago     177,447 Views    
dealing-w-toxic-players-in-rainbow-six-siege 10:07

Dealing w/ Toxic Players in Rainbow Six Siege

3 months ago     132,251 Views    


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