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the-man-who-made-the-als-ice-bucket-challenge-go-viral-dies 01:19

The Man Who Made the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...

14 hours ago     63,781 Views    
who-s-the-man-who-slapped-reporter-live-on-air 01:30

Who’s the Man Who Slapped Reporter Live on Air?

16 hours ago     253,353 Views    
why-someone-paid-120-000-for-this-banana 01:08

Why Someone Paid $120,000 for This Banana

3 days ago     58,977 Views    
family-remembers-ups-driver-brother-as-loving-dad 02:53

Family Remembers UPS Driver Brother As Loving...

3 days ago     195,301 Views    
the-insane-way-these-guys-got-across-america-in-record-time 02:03

The Insane Way These Guys Got Across America ...

4 days ago     66,149 Views    
dad-passed-away-with-a-smile-after-drinking-beer-with-family 01:13

Dad Passed Away With a Smile After Drinking B...

5 days ago     115,326 Views    
tom-kenny-on-why-we-need-spongebob-now-more-than-ever 07:21

Tom Kenny on Why We Need SpongeBob Now More T...

5 days ago     86,379 Views    
what-s-up-with-that-peloton-commercial 01:58

What’s Up With That Peloton Commercial?

6 days ago     139,096 Views    
is-this-18-000-year-old-puppy-a-dog-or-a-wolf 01:10

Is This 18,000 Year Old Puppy a Dog Or a Wolf?

6 days ago     36,297 Views    
greta-thunberg-isn-t-the-1st-to-have-a-historic-doppelganger 01:25

Greta Thunberg Isn’t the 1st to Have a Histor...

1 week ago     44,569 Views    
chihuahua-crashes-car-while-owner-pumps-gas 01:05

Chihuahua Crashes Car While Owner Pumps Gas

1 week ago     67,035 Views    
spotting-potential-signs-of-cancer-in-dogs-and-cats 01:18

Spotting Potential Signs Of Cancer in Dogs an...

1 week ago     25,030 Views    
inside-the-homes-of-hoarders 03:40

Inside the Homes of Hoarders

1 week ago     174,503 Views    
the-true-story-of-wish-man-movie 02:46

The True Story of ‘Wish Man’ Movie

1 week ago     92,249 Views    
tips-for-de-frosting-your-car-windshield 02:15

Tips for De-Frosting Your Car Windshield

1 week ago     55,602 Views    
see-lisa-guerrero-cheer-with-the-rams-again 01:13

See Lisa Guerrero Cheer With the Rams Again

1 week ago     48,300 Views    
did-this-dog-walker-just-steal-from-customer-s-closet 01:46

Did This Dog Walker Just Steal From Customer'...

2 weeks ago     189,244 Views    
students-freak-out-after-giving-up-their-phones-for-a-week 02:03

Students Freak Out After Giving Up Their Phon...

2 weeks ago     148,944 Views    
how-long-do-you-have-to-eat-left-overs-before-they-go-bad 03:31

How Long Do You Have to Eat Left Overs Before...

2 weeks ago     145,883 Views    
rescue-kitten-named-tito-turns-out-to-be-a-wild-puma 01:05

Rescue 'Kitten' Named Tito Turns Out to Be a ...

2 weeks ago     140,110 Views    


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