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paw-order-swans-waddling-on-tracks-stall-train 01:12

Paw & Order: Swans Waddling on Tracks Stall T...

20 hours ago     30,564 Views    
marvel-fan-attempts-to-see-avengers-endgame-200-times 02:25

*Marvel Fan Attempts to See 'Avengers: Endgam...

2 days ago     129,428 Views    
man-eats-mayonnaise-straight-from-jar-at-baseball-game 01:11

Man Eats Mayonnaise Straight From Jar at Base...

2 days ago     80,220 Views    
hawk-stares-at-driver-while-riding-on-car-hood 01:35

Hawk Stares at Driver While Riding on Car Hood

2 days ago     55,548 Views    
teen-jumps-more-than-4-feet-pretending-to-be-a-horse 01:38

Teen Jumps More Than 4 Feet Pretending to Be ...

4 days ago     64,122 Views    
empty-bags-can-be-deadly-for-dogs 01:33

Empty Bags Can Be Deadly for Dogs

5 days ago     20,725 Views    
puppy-finds-forever-home-to-live-out-his-best-life 01:32

Puppy Finds Forever Home to Live Out His Best...

5 days ago     25,545 Views    
teen-mail-boat-jumpers-might-be-the-best-job-ever 01:32

Teen Mail Boat Jumpers Might Be the Best Job ...

6 days ago     65,000 Views    
how-the-stingray-shuffle-could-keep-you-from-getting-stung 01:21

How the 'Stingray Shuffle' Could Keep You Fro...

6 days ago     48,753 Views    
mom-still-unsure-of-what-creature-was-in-her-driveway 02:05

Mom Still Unsure of What Creature Was in Her ...

1 week ago     162,727 Views    
these-tiger-cubs-were-abandoned-by-their-mother 01:07

These Tiger Cubs Were Abandoned by Their Mother

1 week ago     90,541 Views    
woman-in-spinning-helicopter-thought-she-was-going-to-die 02:06

Woman in Spinning Helicopter ‘Thought She Was...

1 week ago     84,453 Views    
rhino-runs-away-after-revealing-gender-of-his-baby 01:24

Rhino Runs Away After Revealing Gender of His...

1 week ago     59,395 Views    
rescuers-use-rope-to-pull-stranded-dog-to-safety 01:42

Rescuers Use Rope to Pull Stranded Dog to Safety

2 weeks ago     45,888 Views    
woman-in-car-crash-with-tracy-morgan-i-m-traumatized 02:17

Woman in Car Crash With Tracy Morgan: ‘I’m Tr...

2 weeks ago     279,408 Views    
sister-jumps-into-pool-to-rescue-3-year-old 02:16

Sister Jumps Into Pool to Rescue 3-Year-Old

2 weeks ago     217,031 Views    
17-year-old-bit-by-shark-i-will-be-ok 02:00

17-Year-Old Bit By Shark: ‘I Will Be OK’

2 weeks ago     77,773 Views    
3-year-old-beekeeper-isn-t-afraid-of-getting-stung 01:36

3-Year-Old Beekeeper Isn't Afraid of Getting ...

2 weeks ago     43,588 Views    
meet-lithuania-s-fastest-baby 01:12

Meet Lithuania's Fastest Baby

2 weeks ago     181,604 Views    
is-netflix-s-the-perfection-the-grossest-movie-ever 02:40

Is Netflix's 'The Perfection' the Grossest Mo...

2 weeks ago     196,940 Views    


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