Turner Tfue

the-new-aimbot-gun-in-fortnite 16:42

the *new* AIMBOT gun in Fortnite...

2 days ago     116,881 Views    
my-new-teammate 12:40

My new teammate...

1 week ago     430,034 Views    
the-harpoon-gun-saved-my-life 13:57

the harpoon gun SAVED MY LIFE...

2 weeks ago     189,657 Views    
the-new-harpoon-gun-in-fortnite-so-good 15:33

the NEW HARPOON GUN in Fortnite... (SO GOOD)

2 weeks ago     235,384 Views    
200-iq-fishing-in-fncs-tfue-stream-highlights 11:31

200 IQ FISHING IN FNCS - Tfue Stream Highlights

2 weeks ago     365,268 Views    
the-best-rpg-shot-you-ll-ever-see-fncs-highlights 16:40

the BEST rpg shot you'll ever see... (FNCS Hi...

2 weeks ago     297,032 Views    
tfue-vs-ninja-it-happened-yet-again 11:38

Tfue vs Ninja, it happened yet again...

3 weeks ago     351,375 Views    
winning-4-pro-squad-customs-in-a-row 20:42

Winning 4 pro squad customs in a row

4 weeks ago     302,515 Views    
the-greatest-revive-in-fortnite-history 13:12

The greatest revive in Fortnite history

1 month ago     420,277 Views    
grenades-are-broken-in-chapter-2 12:09

Grenades are BROKEN in Chapter 2...

1 month ago     499,388 Views    
my-first-victory-in-fortnite-chapter-2 12:44

MY FIRST VICTORY in Fortnite Chapter 2

1 month ago     220,200 Views    
i-crashed-the-fortnite-battle-bus 07:32


1 month ago     646,621 Views    
i-m-the-worst-for-using-this-pyramid-trick 15:45

I'm the worst for using this pyramid trick...

2 months ago     669,614 Views    
this-gun-is-broken 14:27

This gun is broken...

2 months ago     600,450 Views    
34-kills-in-arena-trios 16:36

34 Kills in Arena Trios

2 months ago     382,444 Views    
stream-sniper-tried-to-1v1-me 14:07

Stream Sniper tried to 1v1 me...

2 months ago     272,918 Views    
do-you-ever-just 12:19

Do you ever just?

2 months ago     306,160 Views    
we-won-a-trio-cash-cup-game-as-a-duo 11:09

we won a TRIO CASH CUP game as a DUO...

2 months ago     383,711 Views    
how-i-lost-3-000-000-world-cup-vlog 09:27

How I lost $3,000,000 (World Cup Vlog)

2 months ago     411,784 Views    
i-finally-play-minecraft 20:13

I finally play Minecraft

2 months ago     688,028 Views    


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