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new-england-patriots-release-antonio-brown 01:49

New England Patriots release Antonio Brown

20 hours ago     60,186 Views    
afghan-and-u-s-forces-kill-at-least-38-taliban-fighters-in-kabul 01:55

Afghan and U.S. forces kill at least 38 Talib...

5 days ago     340 Views    
tropical-storm-humberto-expected-to-become-a-hurricane-as-winds-strengthen 01:06

Tropical Storm Humberto expected to become a ...

6 days ago     422,453 Views    
afghanistan-braces-for-violence-after-u-s-peace-talks-with-taliban-fail 01:24

Afghanistan braces for violence after U.S. pe...

1 week ago     2,072 Views    
trump-says-taliban-peace-talks-are-dead 02:23

Trump says Taliban peace talks are "dead"

1 week ago     459 Views    
tracking-the-latest-storm-path-for-hurricane-dorian 01:04

Tracking the latest storm path for Hurricane ...

2 weeks ago     87,834 Views    
actress-valerie-harper-dies-at-80 02:14

Actress Valerie Harper dies at 80

3 weeks ago     66,005 Views    
ranchers-blamed-for-deforestation-in-brazil-rely-on-a-booming-business 02:03

Ranchers blamed for deforestation in Brazil r...

3 weeks ago     27,701 Views    
diplomatic-outrage-over-amazon-rainforest-fires 01:54

Diplomatic outrage over Amazon rainforest fires

4 weeks ago     99,092 Views    
simone-biles-makes-history-with-a-triple-double 01:01

Simone Biles makes history with a "triple-dou...

1 month ago     119,069 Views    
jeffrey-epstein-s-apparent-suicide-leads-to-an-fbi-investigation 03:16

Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide leads to a...

1 month ago     1,147,110 Views    
36-nurses-pregnant-at-kansas-city-hospital-this-year 01:08

36 nurses pregnant at Kansas City hospital th...

1 month ago     978 Views    
man-dressed-as-joker-leads-california-police-on-wild-chase 01:28

Man dressed as Joker leads California police ...

2 months ago     181 Views    
federal-ice-raids-begin-targeting-undocumented-immigrants 02:14

Federal ICE raids begin targeting undocumente...

2 months ago     196 Views    
the-los-angeles-angels-honor-fallen-teammate-tyler-skaggs-with-a-no-hitter 01:51

The Los Angeles Angels honor fallen teammate ...

2 months ago     53,031 Views    
team-usa-wins-the-women-s-world-cup-over-netherlands-2-0 02:22

Team USA wins the Women's World Cup over Neth...

2 months ago     51,578 Views    
aftershocks-felt-in-california-after-6-4-magnitude-earthquake 02:26

Aftershocks felt in California after 6.4 magn...

2 months ago     135,289 Views    
cori-coco-gauff-beats-venus-williams-in-wimbledon-upset 01:35

Cori "Coco" Gauff beats Venus Williams in Wim...

2 months ago     47,596 Views    
justine-damond-s-fiance-speaks-out-about-fatal-police-shooting 00:45

Justine Damond's fiance speaks out about fata...

4 months ago     599 Views    
controversy-over-disqualification-at-kentucky-derby 01:58

Controversy over disqualification at Kentucky...

4 months ago     31,312 Views    


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