Sam and Nia

they-re-about-to-get-launched 12:15

They're About to Get LAUNCHED!!

1 week ago     16,059 Views    
trying-to-save-our-dog 07:06

Trying to Save our Dog

1 month ago     24,209 Views    
oreo-was-bit-by-a-copperhead-snake-and-can-t-walk 10:56

Oreo was Bit by a Copperhead Snake and Can't ...

1 month ago     30,596 Views    
touring-their-new-school 14:35

Touring Their New School!

1 month ago     33,290 Views    
sibling-rivalries 09:34

Sibling Rivalries

1 month ago     32,979 Views    
i-don-t-want-to-quit-making-vlogs 17:28


1 month ago     38,844 Views    
youtube-is-taking-our-channel 08:30

YouTube is Taking Our Channel...

2 months ago     14,560 Views    
crying-like-babies-on-their-first-day-of-school 13:24

Crying like Babies on Their First Day of School!

2 months ago     123,834 Views    
toddler-caught-sneaking-out-of-her-crib 15:33


2 months ago     28,681 Views    
getting-oreo-better-owners 10:21

Getting Oreo Better Owners.

2 months ago     62,666 Views    
ringing-in-the-cabin 09:03

Ringing in the Cabin!

2 months ago     26,814 Views    
our-dog-came-home-after-10-days-in-the-wilderness 10:27

Our Dog Came Home after 10 Days in the Wilder...

2 months ago     50,310 Views    
have-you-seen-oreo-1000-reward 15:21

Have You Seen Oreo!? $1000 reward!

3 months ago     12,065 Views    
back-to-school-already 06:30

Back to School Already!?

3 months ago     28,013 Views    
birthday-slumber-party 10:57

Birthday Slumber Party!!

3 months ago     12,573 Views    
my-first-sleepover-for-my-9th-birthday-party-slime-party 13:24

My FIRST Sleepover for my 9th BIRTHDAY PARTY!...

3 months ago     7,511 Views    
did-they-accept-our-offer-on-the-house 14:46

Did They Accept our Offer on the House!?

3 months ago     64,364 Views    
jumping-into-her-giant-birthday-package 12:22

Jumping into Her Giant Birthday Package!

3 months ago     86,733 Views    
we-chose-a-house-put-in-an-offer-it-s-happening 12:29

WE CHOSE A HOUSE & Put In An Offer! IT'S HAPP...

3 months ago     68,545 Views    
we-finally-found-our-new-home 16:09

We Finally Found Our New Home!

3 months ago     97,110 Views    


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