panic-in-dc-ds-agenda-force-out-into-the-light-episode-1822b 23:57

Panic In DC, [DS] Agenda Force Out Into The L...

1 day ago     155,308 Views    
this-is-just-the-tip-of-the-iceberg-nothing-can-stop-this-episode-1821b 40:06

This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg, Nothing ...

2 days ago     163,785 Views    
power-control-the-setup-beautiful-episode-1820a 16:46

Power, Control, The Setup, Beautiful - Episod...

3 days ago     71,218 Views    
the-sleepers-are-now-awake-ds-panics-and-traps-themselves-plan-advances-episode-1819b 39:41

The Sleepers Are Now Awake, [DS] Panics And T...

4 days ago     143,031 Views    
narrative-fight-coming-it-s-time-to-unite-take-down-the-true-enemy-episode-1818b 30:15

Narrative Fight Coming, It’s Time To Unite & ...

5 days ago     175,052 Views    
basel-iii-activates-gold-gold-will-bring-down-the-fed-episode-1817a 18:48

BASEL III Activates Gold, Gold Will Bring Dow...

6 days ago     20,484 Views    
fill-in-your-insurance-removed-press-conference-coming-episode-1815b 33:49

Fill In Your [ ], Insurance Removed, Press C...

1 week ago     170,882 Views    
t-7-and-counting-prepared-and-ready-be-vigilant-episode-1813b 41:42

T [-7] And Counting, Prepared And Ready, Be V...

1 week ago     126,324 Views    
remember-the-message-gold-is-the-key-episode-1810a 15:46

Remember The Message, Gold Is The Key - Episo...

2 weeks ago     44,876 Views    
how-do-you-bring-down-the-cb-stealth-mode-episode-1809a 18:10

How Do You Bring Down The [CB], Stealth Mode ...

2 weeks ago     81,346 Views    
the-end-is-near-there-s-no-place-to-hide-episode-1805b 40:36

The End Is Near, There’s No Place To Hide - E...

2 weeks ago     122,089 Views    
carpet-bombs-are-ok-it-s-all-about-to-change-t-minus-18-counting-episode-1804b 28:39

Carpet Bombs Are Ok, It’s All About To Change...

3 weeks ago     184,551 Views    
the-world-is-telegraphing-an-economic-message-do-you-hear-it-episode-1804a 17:44

The World Is Telegraphing An Economic Message...

3 weeks ago     92,404 Views    
think-mirror-this-is-a-battle-between-good-and-evil-patriot-s-move-coming-episode-1803b 25:59

Think Mirror, This Is A Battle Between Good A...

3 weeks ago     139,547 Views    
t-21-big-happenings-are-going-to-take-place-enjoy-the-show-episode-1802b 40:24

T [-21], Big Happenings Are Going To Take Pla...

3 weeks ago     92,047 Views    
mueller-report-coming-ds-losing-narrative-big-name-about-to-drop-episode-1800b 29:10

Mueller Report Coming, [DS] Losing Narrative,...

3 weeks ago     106,054 Views    
barr-placeholders-activated-s-m-blackout-think-eas-episode-1795b 42:33

Barr & Placeholders Activated, S/M Blackout, ...

1 month ago     150,915 Views    
panic-ds-trolls-trump-think-mirror-we-are-getting-closer-episode-1777b 28:10

Panic, [DS] Trolls Trump, Think Mirror, We Ar...

1 month ago     91,904 Views    
boxed-in-no-escape-watch-everything-is-about-to-change-wait-for-it-episode-1776b 39:32

Boxed In, No Escape, Watch, Everything Is Abo...

1 month ago     208,074 Views    
cb-ds-planned-reversed-patriots-are-in-control-episode-1776a 16:47

[CB] [DS] Planned Reversed, Patriots Are In C...

1 month ago     124,244 Views    


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