Lisa Haven

99-of-america-can-t-handle-what-you-re-about-to-hear-steve-quayle-antarctica-giants 23:38

99% Of America Can’t Handle What You’re About...

1 week ago     26,047 Views    
they-re-dead-serious-cascadia-fault-about-to-break-thousands-could-perish-are-you-ready-for-it 09:00

They’re Dead Serious! Cascadia Fault About To...

1 week ago     32,520 Views    
death-day-set-by-globalists-they-re-after-millions-here-s-how-they-re-doing-it 14:19

“DEATH-DAY” Set By Globalists: They’re After ...

3 weeks ago     17,148 Views    
warning-knowing-about-this-put-me-on-googles-black-list-and-you-might-be-on-it-too 13:19

WARNING: Knowing About This Put Me On Googles...

1 month ago     16,971 Views    
in-three-days-millions-disappeared-from-the-internet-here-s-what-happened 09:28

In Three Days Millions Disappeared From the I...

1 month ago     30,116 Views    
this-will-chage-everything-you-know-insider-loses-it-all-to-get-you-this-secret-information 13:26


3 months ago     20,346 Views    
earth-to-literally-flip-the-magnetic-field-is-showing-major-signs-of-weakening-it-could-get-bad 07:30

Earth To Literally Flip? The Magnetic Field I...

5 months ago     30,793 Views    
hoax-blows-up-in-msm-s-face-what-they-re-not-telling-you-about-covington-s-maga-hat-teen 09:28

HOAX BLOWS-UP IN MSM’s FACE: What They’re Not...

7 months ago     10,766 Views    
i-m-not-sure-what-s-about-to-happen-but-americans-are-in-alot-of-trouble 12:55

I’m Not Sure What’s About To Happen—But Ameri...

7 months ago     44,631 Views    
no-one-saw-this-coming-something-happening-in-april-that-should-deeply-concern-you 08:47

NO ONE SAW THIS COMING: Something Happening I...

8 months ago     48,434 Views    
democrats-make-nefarious-move-during-christmas-that-will-send-american-s-into-the-poor-house 10:28

Democrats Make Nefarious Move During Christma...

8 months ago     63,979 Views    
breaking-new-mk-ultra-mind-control-docs-have-surfaced-is-the-program-still-alive-and-well 11:22

BREAKING: NEW MK-Ultra Mind Control Docs Have...

9 months ago     48 Views    
alert-global-stock-collapse-dow-teetering-economy-imploding-2008-repeat 13:17

ALERT! Global Stock Collapse, Dow Teetering, ...

9 months ago     352 Views    
america-will-suffer-a-fatal-blow-these-charts-prove-it-s-worse-than-you-thought 11:56

America Will Suffer a Fatal Blow—These Charts...

9 months ago     50 Views    
three-strikes-america-s-out-they-have-seized-control-100-proof-gov-t-internet-voting-block 11:23

Three Strikes America’s OUT! They Have Seized...

9 months ago     39 Views    
millions-restricted-from-flying-what-s-next-for-them-is-devastating-time-to-outsmart-the-system 10:28

Millions Restricted From Flying, What’s Next ...

9 months ago     273 Views    
un-threatens-we-re-all-doomed-in-12-years-if-this-is-true 12:26

UN Threatens, “We’re All DOOMED in 12 Years!”...

9 months ago     479 Views    
talk-about-this-and-be-targeted-blueprint-proves-it-s-worse-then-they-say 14:03

Talk About “THIS” and Be Targeted—Blueprint P...

9 months ago     50 Views    
media-warns-ignore-the-emp-threat-you-ve-issued-americas-death-sentence-what-do-they-know 10:11

Media Warns “Ignore the EMP Threat & You’ve I...

9 months ago     50 Views    
a-personal-message-from-lisa-haven 01:39

A Personal Message From Lisa Haven...

9 months ago     188 Views    


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