Tom Scott

how-to-grow-a-martian-salad-on-earth 08:50

How To Grow A Martian Salad On Earth

4 days ago     95,819 Views    
how-neurosurgeons-navigate-inside-the-brain 07:18

How Neurosurgeons Navigate Inside The Brain

1 week ago     165,690 Views    
why-my-teenage-code-was-terrible-sorting-algorithms-and-big-o-notation 09:46

Why My Teenage Code Was Terrible: Sorting Alg...

2 weeks ago     97,016 Views    
why-it-s-already-2020 03:57

Why It's Already 2020

3 weeks ago     199,182 Views    
why-do-we-move-our-hands-when-we-talk 04:19

Why Do We Move Our Hands When We Talk?

1 month ago     118,600 Views    
why-the-world-s-littlest-skyscraper-was-a-massive-scam 06:47

Why The World's Littlest Skyscraper Was A Mas...

1 month ago     138,720 Views    
why-electronic-voting-is-still-a-bad-idea 12:01

Why Electronic Voting Is Still A Bad Idea

1 month ago     311,741 Views    
can-the-words-you-read-change-your-behavior 04:38

Can The Words You Read Change Your Behavior?

1 month ago     284,451 Views    
is-the-world-running-out-of-helium 05:41

Is The World Running Out Of Helium?

1 month ago     102,641 Views    
why-the-elevator-shaft-was-invented-before-the-elevator 05:10

Why The Elevator Shaft Was Invented Before Th...

2 months ago     121,650 Views    
i-almost-learned-to-fly-in-the-world-s-only-wingsuit-tunnel 05:36

I Almost Learned To Fly In The World's Only W...

2 months ago     106,281 Views    
how-the-netherlands-simulated-the-sea-before-computers-the-waterloopbos 04:52

How The Netherlands Simulated The Sea Before ...

2 months ago     227,382 Views    
this-video-is-sponsored-by-vpn 07:26

This Video Is Sponsored By ███ VPN

2 months ago     237,412 Views    
the-giant-art-that-keeps-planes-quiet 03:51

The Giant Art That Keeps Planes Quiet

3 months ago     125,580 Views    
why-helsinki-s-library-robots-aren-t-important 04:45

Why Helsinki's Library Robots Aren't Important

3 months ago     126,117 Views    
the-self-driving-race-car 08:03

The Self-Driving Race Car

3 months ago     95,340 Views    
inside-the-tunnels-that-will-store-nuclear-waste-for-100-000-years 06:09

Inside The Tunnels That Will Store Nuclear Wa...

3 months ago     127,064 Views    
what-counts-as-the-world-s-shortest-river 03:26

What Counts As The World's Shortest River?

4 months ago     117,557 Views    
the-toxic-pit-with-a-3-admission-fee 05:01

The Toxic Pit With A $3 Admission Fee

4 months ago     108,564 Views    
the-only-bit-of-louisiana-s-coast-that-isn-t-sinking 05:30

The Only Bit Of Louisiana's Coast That Isn't ...

4 months ago     95,168 Views    


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