Tom Scott

flying-a-plane-with-fireworks-on-the-wings 06:32

Flying A Plane With Fireworks On The Wings

18 hours ago     183,041 Views    
the-two-generals-problem 08:26

The Two Generals’ Problem

1 week ago     122,220 Views    
why-no-problem-can-seem-rude-phatic-expressions 03:51

Why “No Problem” Can Seem Rude: Phatic Expres...

2 weeks ago     294,831 Views    
what-s-your-computer-actually-doing 09:04

What's Your Computer Actually Doing?

3 weeks ago     96,560 Views    
how-to-stop-a-colossal-bridge-corroding 05:05

How To Stop A Colossal Bridge Corroding

4 weeks ago     93,672 Views    
how-to-build-an-app-everything-you-didn-t-know-you-needed-to-know 02:11

How To Build An App: Everything You Didn't Kn...

1 month ago     39,078 Views    
making-an-app-is-a-terrible-idea-but-here-s-how-you-can-do-it 10:27

Making An App Is A Terrible Idea, But Here's ...

1 month ago     99,176 Views    
the-giant-underground-tunnels-protecting-tokyo-from-floods 03:35

The Giant Underground Tunnels Protecting Toky...

1 month ago     267,302 Views    
why-you-can-t-trust-me 09:38

Why You Can't Trust Me

1 month ago     169,376 Views    
the-world-s-first-solar-powered-train 04:14

The World's First Solar Powered Train

1 month ago     154,522 Views    
mr-olds-remarkable-elevator 05:26

Mr Olds’ Remarkable Elevator

2 months ago     183,933 Views    
the-one-lane-bridge-shared-by-cars-and-trains 02:27

The One-Lane Bridge Shared By Cars And Trains

2 months ago     215,734 Views    
what-counts-as-the-steepest-street-in-the-world 03:44

What Counts As The Steepest Street In The World?

2 months ago     355,444 Views    
testing-a-zip-line-that-goes-round-corners 04:51

Testing A Zip Line That Goes Round Corners

2 months ago     301,572 Views    
the-circle-visible-from-space 03:11

The Circle Visible From Space

3 months ago     109,076 Views    
the-first-3d-color-x-rays 05:41

The First 3D Color X-Rays

3 months ago     110,421 Views    
the-brain-eating-amoebas-of-kerosene-creek 03:42

The Brain-Eating Amoebas of Kerosene Creek

3 months ago     339,081 Views    
the-hundred-tonne-robots-that-help-keep-new-zealand-running 05:23

The Hundred-Tonne Robots That Help Keep New Z...

3 months ago     67,501 Views    
the-sculpture-that-looks-like-a-real-life-cartoon 02:12

The Sculpture That Looks Like A Real-Life Car...

3 months ago     347,663 Views    
where-two-oceans-meet-debunked 02:57

Where Two Oceans Meet, Debunked

4 months ago     120,246 Views    


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