Dangar Marine

prop-shaft-and-rudder-post-installation 30:07

Prop shaft and rudder post installation

1 day ago     19,360 Views    
planning-the-trawler-electrics 20:44

Planning the trawler electrics

1 week ago     35,203 Views    
engine-bay-cleanup-and-electrics-boards 17:31

Engine bay cleanup and electrics boards

2 weeks ago     16,017 Views    
antifouling-new-rubbing-strips-and-boat-show 18:42

Antifouling, new rubbing strips and boat show

3 weeks ago     46,779 Views    
land-rover-oil-seal-removal-and-crane-installation 30:51

Land Rover, oil seal removal and crane instal...

4 weeks ago     20,314 Views    
moving-the-stands-and-removing-the-detroit-diesel-blower 21:35

Moving the stands and removing the Detroit Di...

1 month ago     28,837 Views    
detroit-diesel-4-71-teardown 39:39

Detroit Diesel 4-71 teardown

1 month ago     19,176 Views    
making-the-steel-trawler-turn-white 38:57

Making the steel trawler turn white

1 month ago     21,580 Views    
wet-exhaust-vs-dry-exhaust 26:57

Wet Exhaust vs Dry Exhaust

1 month ago     19,936 Views    
a-day-in-the-life-of-a-trawler-restoration 41:00

A day in the life of a trawler restoration

1 month ago     34,163 Views    
the-steel-trawler-hull-work-is-finally-finished 16:18

The steel trawler hull work is finally finished!

1 month ago     41,166 Views    
hull-work-asbestos-removal-and-a-small-fire 21:21

Hull work, asbestos removal and a small fire

2 months ago     25,057 Views    
sandblasting-and-priming-the-steel-trawler-hull 23:22

Sandblasting and priming the steel trawler hull

2 months ago     21,702 Views    
repairing-the-steel-trawler-s-hull 20:00

Repairing the steel trawler's hull

2 months ago     25,592 Views    
making-a-door-in-the-steel-trawler 33:18

Making a door in the steel trawler

2 months ago     28,336 Views    
diy-wet-blasting-steel 14:17

DIY wet blasting steel

3 months ago     23,046 Views    
continuing-to-get-the-steel-trawler-ready-for-sandblasting 14:58

Continuing to get the steel trawler ready for...

3 months ago     21,385 Views    
ultrasonic-thickness-testing-the-steel-hull-plates-on-the-trawler 13:20

Ultrasonic thickness testing the steel hull p...

3 months ago     16,352 Views    
cleaning-the-bilge-and-removing-the-propeller-shaft 14:06

Cleaning the bilge and removing the propeller...

3 months ago     13,609 Views    
removing-the-detroit-diesel-from-the-steel-trawler 24:47

Removing the Detroit Diesel from the steel tr...

3 months ago     13,482 Views    


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