is-it-possible-to-fire-10-guns-at-once 15:05

Is it possible to fire 10 guns at once?!?!

2 days ago     158,576 Views    
youtuber-game-of-horse-with-guns-donut-operator-leon-lush 21:14

YouTuber Game of Horse... With Guns (Donut Op...

1 week ago     122,499 Views    
100-bullets-vs-ak47-will-it-survive 12:10

100 Bullets vs AK47, Will it Survive?

1 month ago     1,013,685 Views    
man-vs-wife-challenge-round-2 12:00

Man vs Wife Challenge Round 2

1 month ago     213,255 Views    
what-happens-to-a-live-grenade-in-a-microwave 15:59

What happens to a LIVE Grenade in a Microwave...

1 month ago     1,183,780 Views    
i-m-going-to-fire-a-50bmg-inside-my-house 14:27

I'm Going to Fire a 50BMG inside my house...

2 months ago     419,136 Views    
is-a-gold-bar-bulletproof-45-000 16:49

Is a Gold Bar Bulletproof? $45,000!!!

2 months ago     440,321 Views    
technically-this-gun-should-be-a-felony-but-here-s-why-it-s-not 14:02

Technically this gun should be a FELONY, but ...

2 months ago     912,639 Views    
tavarish-gave-me-a-range-rover-and-i-destroyed-it 16:45

Tavarish Gave Me A Range Rover.... And I Dest...

2 months ago     230,575 Views    
this-is-the-largest-gun-let-s-fire-it 15:43

This is the Largest Gun... Let's Fire it!

3 months ago     1,987,014 Views    
how-tough-is-an-up-armored-humvee-windshield 16:13

How Tough is an Up-Armored Humvee Windshield?

3 months ago     340,881 Views    
can-i-shoot-the-tracks-off-a-tank 14:20

Can I Shoot the Tracks Off a Tank?!?!?!

3 months ago     197,613 Views    
bulletproof-nutshellz-with-how-ridiculous 16:44

Bulletproof Nutshellz with How Ridiculous!!!

3 months ago     835,781 Views    
the-world-s-tiniest-working-firearms 14:19

The World's Tiniest Working Firearms!!!

4 months ago     2,321,817 Views    
i-bought-a-full-auto-uzi 16:25

I bought a FULL AUTO UZI!!!

4 months ago     391,790 Views    
frankengun-vs-heavy-bag 14:47

Frankengun vs Heavy Bag!!!

5 months ago     228,450 Views    
motorcycle-helmet-in-a-microwave 05:43

Motorcycle Helmet in a Microwave

5 months ago     519,804 Views    
surprising-him-with-his-first-gun 13:42

Surprising Him with his First Gun!!!

5 months ago     491,277 Views    
my-weirdest-shotguns 13:51

My Weirdest Shotguns!!!

5 months ago     2,324,305 Views    
forcing-hickok-to-review-guns-he-s-uncomfortable-with 15:10

Forcing Hickok to review Guns he's uncomforta...

6 months ago     1,507,341 Views    


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