will-prison-trays-stop-a-bullet 16:31

Will Prison Trays Stop a Bullet?!?!?

5 months ago     140,959 Views    
the-fully-automatic-grenade-launcher-is-real 17:57

The Fully Automatic Grenade Launcher is REAL!!!

6 months ago     264,759 Views    
testing-a-35-000-bomb-suit 09:19

Testing a $35,000 Bomb Suit!!!

6 months ago     330,282 Views    
3-extremely-unique-guns-on-a-scooter 13:21

3 Extremely Unique Guns On a Scooter

6 months ago     457,950 Views    
riding-lawn-mower-battle-with-guns 18:26

Riding Lawn Mower Battle....With Guns

6 months ago     147,984 Views    
120-christmas-trees-on-fire 12:07

120 Christmas Trees ON FIRE!!!

7 months ago     190,856 Views    
i-bought-a-600-bulletproof-suit 14:33

I Bought a $600 Bulletproof Suit!

7 months ago     215,445 Views    
can-a-bullet-light-a-gas-tank-on-fire 17:37

Can A Bullet Light A Gas Tank On Fire???

1 year ago     1,857,764 Views    
how-to-conceal-carry-like-a-boss 11:45

How To Conceal Carry Like a Boss

1 year ago     323,950 Views    
running-engine-harder-to-kill-than-you-d-expect 11:32

Running Engine, Harder To Kill Than You'd Exp...

1 year ago     354,560 Views    
will-a-weight-vest-save-your-life 15:09

Will a Weight Vest save your life?!?!?

1 year ago     846,990 Views    
which-is-more-powerful-the-bullet-or-the-recoil 13:11

Which is More Powerful? The Bullet or The Recoil

1 year ago     138,119 Views    
is-a-120-000-plane-windshield-bulletproof 17:00

Is a $120,000 Plane Windshield Bulletproof???

1 year ago     1,491,496 Views    
two-ridiculous-guns-i-had-never-heard-of 17:20

Two Ridiculous Guns I Had Never Heard Of!!!

1 year ago     224,259 Views    
the-devtac-ronin-helmet 14:52

The DevTac Ronin Helmet

1 year ago     412,434 Views    
can-we-split-a-bullet-with-a-knife 14:31

Can We Split a Bullet With a Knife???

1 year ago     335,005 Views    
the-gun-you-didn-t-know-you-needed 14:15

The Gun You Didn't Know You Needed...

1 year ago     583,219 Views    
new-year-s-at-demolition-ranch-holy 06:25

New Year's At Demolition Ranch... HOLY $%[email protected]!!!!!

1 year ago     405,725 Views    
firing-a-50bmg-inside-a-car 18:05

Firing a 50BMG Inside A Car...

1 year ago     311,495 Views    
how-many-guitars-does-it-take-to-stop-a-50bmg 15:57

How Many Guitars Does It Take To Stop a 50BMG???

1 year ago     182,201 Views    


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