ninja-was-left-shocked-speechless-after-running-into-a-hacker-that-didn-t-have-a-name 10:22

Ninja Was Left SHOCKED & SPEECHLESS After Run...

1 day ago     188,777 Views    
ninja-reacts-to-tfue-wanting-aim-assist-on-pc-epic-removing-his-world-cup-qualifying-points 10:54

Ninja Reacts To Tfue WANTING "Aim Assist" On ...

3 days ago     273,860 Views    
tfue-can-t-stop-crying-after-his-teammate-xqc-has-a-breakdown-starts-smashing-his-keyboard 10:23

Tfue Can't Stop CRYING After His Teammate xQc...

4 days ago     250,415 Views    
tfue-ninja-refuse-to-play-fortnite-after-suffering-from-the-worst-bug-ever-added 11:17

Tfue & Ninja REFUSE To Play Fortnite After SU...

6 days ago     528,151 Views    
ninja-gets-upset-he-can-t-do-90s-anymore-after-epic-patched-his-method 10:57

Ninja Gets UPSET He CAN'T Do 90s Anymore Afte...

1 week ago     553,765 Views    
ninja-vs-hacked-drdisrespect-tfue-angry-after-breaking-his-mouse-in-a-pro-game 11:00

Ninja VS HACKED DrDisrespect! Tfue ANGRY Afte...

1 week ago     264,570 Views    
ninja-gets-drunk-on-stream-accidentally-leaks-that-he-is-joining-faze-ninjashyper 10:24

Ninja Gets DRUNK On Stream & Accidentally LEA...

1 week ago     234,271 Views    
ninja-goes-back-to-old-ninja-after-a-1v1-with-a-player-that-pushed-him-over-the-edge 10:47

Ninja Goes Back To OLD NINJA After A 1v1 With...

1 week ago     300,367 Views    
ninja-gets-angry-after-drlupo-cloakzy-team-up-roasting-him-go-too-far 10:35

Ninja Gets ANGRY After DrLupo & Cloakzy Team ...

1 week ago     243,640 Views    
ninja-s-entire-stream-was-ruined-after-he-made-a-huge-mistake-and-broke-his-keyboard 10:21

Ninja's Entire Stream Was RUINED After He Mad...

1 week ago     382,744 Views    
ninja-was-shocked-after-finding-out-why-epic-removed-this-block-instantly-from-fortnite 10:37

Ninja Was SHOCKED After Finding Out Why Epic ...

2 weeks ago     344,880 Views    
ninja-explains-why-you-should-never-land-at-any-of-these-spots-in-fortnite 10:11

Ninja Explains Why You SHOULD NEVER Land At A...

2 weeks ago     230,277 Views    
ninja-99-players-landed-at-the-new-dig-site-to-activate-the-event-together 10:21

Ninja & 99 Players Landed At The New DIG SITE...

2 weeks ago     307,997 Views    
tfue-tried-helping-symfuhny-get-a-girlfriend-but-ended-up-getting-attacked-by-corinna-kopf 10:38

Tfue Tried Helping Symfuhny Get A GIRLFRIEND ...

2 weeks ago     502,752 Views    
ninja-explains-how-tfue-turned-the-community-against-him-why-it-s-not-fair 10:17

Ninja Explains How Tfue TURNED The Community ...

2 weeks ago     439,002 Views    
tfue-ninja-done-supporting-epic-after-finding-out-stretched-resolution-got-banned-ninja-quit 11:03

Tfue & Ninja DONE Supporting Epic After Findi...

3 weeks ago     343,642 Views    
tfue-gets-embarrassed-after-corinna-kopf-exposes-calls-him-out-for-always-complaining 10:25

Tfue Gets EMBARRASSED After Corinna Kopf EXPO...

3 weeks ago     88,797 Views    
tfue-destroys-a-team-of-console-players-in-a-1v4-who-bet-him-2-000-they-would-win 10:41


3 weeks ago     261,830 Views    
tfue-explains-why-epic-should-not-revert-the-update-why-it-s-healthy-for-fortnite-hp-per-kill 10:26

Tfue Explains Why Epic SHOULD NOT Revert The ...

3 weeks ago     82,630 Views    
ninja-explains-why-epic-will-not-be-bringing-back-health-per-kill-to-fortnite-most-hated-update 10:19

Ninja Explains Why Epic WILL NOT Be Bringing ...

3 weeks ago     317,932 Views    


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