Joey Graceffa

picking-puppy-names 14:49

Picking Puppy Names!!

3 days ago     173,189 Views    
we-had-to-take-green-back 19:51

We had to take Green back..

4 days ago     257,838 Views    
goodbye-lavender 18:14

Goodbye Lavender

5 days ago     126,316 Views    
goodbye-pink 13:14

Goodbye Pink

1 week ago     125,694 Views    
puppy-meets-her-new-mom 13:57

Puppy meets her new Mom!

1 week ago     157,907 Views    
goodbye-yellow 19:02

Goodbye Yellow

1 week ago     136,210 Views    
puppy-got-hurt 11:32

Puppy got hurt!

1 week ago     116,838 Views    
the-puppies-miss-their-brothers 11:49

The Puppies Miss their Brothers..

1 week ago     140,542 Views    
goodbye-green 13:15

Goodbye Green

2 weeks ago     160,406 Views    
puppies-meet-their-dad-for-the-first-time 16:18

Puppies meet their Dad for the First Time!

2 weeks ago     243,044 Views    
selling-our-puppy-for-10-000 10:58

Selling our Puppy for $10,000

2 weeks ago     153,040 Views    
goodbye-blue 11:48

Goodbye Blue

2 weeks ago     245,650 Views    
wolf-plays-with-the-puppies-for-the-first-time 15:37

Wolf Plays with the Puppies for the First Time!

2 weeks ago     142,838 Views    
i-can-t-say-goodbye 16:58

I can't say goodbye..

2 weeks ago     251,420 Views    
storm-hates-the-puppies 13:07

Storm Hates The Puppies?!?

3 weeks ago     203,835 Views    
we-found-homes-for-two-puppies 16:28

We found homes for Two Puppies!

3 weeks ago     223,529 Views    
puppy-escapes-and-falls-into-the-pool 11:16

Puppy Escapes and Falls into the Pool!?

4 weeks ago     170,432 Views    
you-decide-which-puppy-we-keep 13:51

YOU DECIDE which Puppy we Keep!

1 month ago     89,328 Views    
my-puppies-have-a-rare-eye-color 11:24

My Puppies have a RARE Eye Color!?

1 month ago     117,700 Views    
my-puppies-will-audition-to-be-my-next-dog 17:30

My Puppies will Audition to be my Next Dog!

1 month ago     114,360 Views    


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