Joey Graceffa

my-dogs-review-human-food-mukbang 10:00

My Dogs Review Human Food + Mukbang!

4 months ago     36,202 Views    
what-i-got-my-puppies-for-christmas 15:13

What I got my puppies for Christmas

5 months ago     30,960 Views    
teaching-my-puppy-how-to-swim 13:28

Teaching my Puppy How to Swim!

5 months ago     75,543 Views    
having-5-dogs-is-too-much 17:04

Having 5 Dogs is too much...

5 months ago     65,929 Views    
she-will-never-have-puppies-again 11:23

She Will Never Have Puppies Again..

5 months ago     87,199 Views    
goodbye-shadow-and-moon 13:15

Goodbye Shadow and Moon..

6 months ago     142,452 Views    
puppy-learns-his-first-trick 13:26

Puppy Learns His First Trick!

6 months ago     104,148 Views    
i-tried-taking-my-puppies-for-a-walk 10:36

I Tried Taking My Puppies for A Walk

6 months ago     122,119 Views    
he-does-this-when-we-aren-t-looking 10:02

He Does This When We Aren't Looking..

6 months ago     80,434 Views    
i-babysit-james-charles-puppy-for-24-hours 11:02

I babysit James Charles Puppy for 24 hours!

6 months ago     122,402 Views    
puppy-has-emergency-vet-visit 12:46

Puppy Has Emergency Vet Visit!

6 months ago     112,033 Views    
we-picked-a-name-for-our-puppy 13:12

We Picked A Name For Our Puppy

6 months ago     142,747 Views    
catching-my-puppy-escape 12:32

Catching My Puppy Escape!

6 months ago     93,102 Views    
we-picked-our-puppies-new-name 12:38

We Picked our Puppies New Name!

6 months ago     151,031 Views    
husky-tries-wearing-shoes-for-first-time-hilarious 13:05

Husky tries wearing Shoes for First Time (Hil...

6 months ago     135,189 Views    
picking-puppy-names 14:49

Picking Puppy Names!!

6 months ago     173,189 Views    
we-had-to-take-green-back 19:51

We had to take Green back..

6 months ago     257,838 Views    
goodbye-lavender 18:14

Goodbye Lavender

6 months ago     126,316 Views    
goodbye-pink 13:14

Goodbye Pink

6 months ago     125,694 Views    
puppy-meets-her-new-mom 13:57

Puppy meets her new Mom!

6 months ago     157,907 Views    


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