The Credit Shifu

new-amex-card-called-optio-1500-per-year-delta-gold-etc 05:59

New Amex Card Called "Optio"? $1500 per year,...

4 weeks ago     16,694 Views    
amex-to-release-new-card-above-platinum-rumor 07:22

Amex to Release NEW CARD Above Platinum? (Rumor)

4 weeks ago     15,359 Views    
why-i-m-not-getting-the-apple-credit-card 13:33


3 months ago     19,108 Views    
equifax-class-action-lawsuit-how-to-get-a-cash-settlement 11:25

Equifax Class Action Lawsuit: How to get a CA...

4 months ago     17,707 Views    
why-i-don-t-churn-credit-cards 12:27

Why I DON'T Churn Credit Cards

4 months ago     14,774 Views    
what-my-next-credit-card-will-be 10:57

What my Next Credit Card Will be...

5 months ago     24,775 Views    
new-zero-card-3-cash-back-on-everything 08:39

NEW Zero Card: 3% Cash Back on Everything!!

6 months ago     13,873 Views    
all-the-rare-american-express-colors-explained 05:16

All the Rare American Express Colors Explained

6 months ago     30,191 Views    
chase-sapphire-reserve-how-to-break-even 08:16

Chase Sapphire Reserve: How to Break Even

7 months ago     13,604 Views    
5-rookie-credit-card-mistakes-you-should-avoid 12:23

5 Rookie CREDIT CARD MISTAKES You Should Avoid

7 months ago     14,536 Views    
unboxing-a-24-karat-gold-credit-card 11:27

Unboxing a 24 Karat GOLD Credit Card

8 months ago     14,417 Views    
amex-platinum-how-valuable-it-really-is-one-year-analysis 11:48

Amex Platinum: How Valuable it Really is.... ...

8 months ago     14,365 Views    
new-apple-credit-card-will-have-no-card-numbers 10:07

NEW Apple Credit Card Will Have NO CARD NUMBERS!

8 months ago     12,855 Views    
5-premium-credit-card-mistakes-you-shouldn-t-make 14:14

5 Premium Credit Card MISTAKES You Shouldn't ...

1 year ago     77 Views    
nevada-politicians-make-2-million-unknown-credit-card-charges 06:51

Nevada Politicians Make $2 Million Unknown Cr...

1 year ago     12 Views    
live-stream-credit-card-application-rules-explained 28:36

Live stream: Credit Card Application Rules Ex...

1 year ago     272 Views    
travel-in-hurricane-season-how-to-find-great-deals 15:02

Travel in HURRICANE SEASON: How to find GREAT...

1 year ago     15 Views    
finn-by-chase-mobile-bank-review 12:07

Finn by Chase Mobile Bank Review

1 year ago     40 Views    
how-to-climb-the-credit-card-ladder-pt-2-why-we-have-13-credit-cards 20:06

How to Climb the Credit Card Ladder Pt 2: Why...

1 year ago     6 Views    
how-10k-hilton-points-can-book-a-5-star-hotel-in-china 10:59

How 10k Hilton Points Can Book a 5 Star Hotel...

1 year ago     27 Views    


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