meet-our-new-dog-rosie 21:26

meet our new dog, rosie!!

3 days ago     82,016 Views    
my-2020-vision-for-my-youtube-channels 17:28

my 2020 vision for my youtube channels!

4 days ago     73,010 Views    
opening-christmas-presents-ashley-s-birthday-vlogmas-day-25 18:37

opening christmas presents + ashley's birthda...

1 month ago     93,360 Views    
the-vlogmas-tea-i-never-told-you-vlogmas-day-24 14:32

the vlogmas tea i never told you! vlogmas day 24

1 month ago     94,799 Views    
wrapping-presents-last-minute-christmas-shopping-vlogmas-day-23 15:24

wrapping presents + last minute christmas sho...

1 month ago     61,868 Views    
makeup-haul-mac-cosmetics-buxom-and-benefit-cosmetics-vlogmas-day-22 14:30

makeup haul: mac cosmetics, buxom, and benefi...

1 month ago     54,424 Views    
bored-girl-goes-target-shopping-vlogmas-day-21 14:43

bored girl goes target shopping.. vlogmas day 21

1 month ago     114,573 Views    
christmas-gift-exchange-vlogmas-day-20 20:49

christmas gift exchange!! vlogmas day 20

1 month ago     109,408 Views    
finally-getting-remi-s-christmas-present-vlogmas-day-19 10:34

finally getting remi's christmas present! vlo...

1 month ago     192,751 Views    
wrapping-christmas-presents-vlogmas-day-18 15:00

wrapping christmas presents! vlogmas day 18

1 month ago     83,990 Views    
driving-struggles-with-alisha-vlogmas-day-17 09:13

driving struggles with alisha! vlogmas day 17

1 month ago     52,928 Views    
sitting-down-and-getting-real-personal-q-vlogmas-day-16 17:55

sitting down and getting real..personal q! vl...

1 month ago     114,013 Views    
target-shopping-beauty-products-i-bought-cause-of-youtubers-vlogmas-day-15 16:51

target shopping: beauty products i bought cau...

1 month ago     62,952 Views    
cleaning-out-my-closet-again-vlogmas-day-14 16:31

cleaning out my closet..again! vlogmas day 14

1 month ago     95,909 Views    
being-stupid-in-home-goods-vlogmas-day-13 12:42

being stupid in home goods! vlogmas day 13

1 month ago     168,503 Views    
self-care-day-facial-lashes-aka-glowing-vlogmas-day-12 16:36

self care day: facial, lashes aka glowing! vl...

1 month ago     81,718 Views    
epic-drive-thru-mukbang-aka-so-much-fast-food-vlogmas-day-11 18:25

epic drive thru mukbang...aka so much fast fo...

1 month ago     174,420 Views    
trader-joes-grocery-shopping-cause-im-an-adult-vlogmas-day-10 14:26

trader joes grocery shopping cause im an adul...

1 month ago     74,196 Views    
target-shopping-fail-vlogmas-day-9 11:26

target shopping fail! vlogmas day 9

1 month ago     94,892 Views    
christmas-tree-prank-on-my-sister-vlogmas-day-8 20:45

christmas tree prank on my sister!! vlogmas d...

1 month ago     73,384 Views    


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