over-the-top-car-audio-system-destroys-everything-ultra-low-bass-drops-w-10-15-subwoofers 15:29

OVER THE TOP Car Audio System... DESTROYS EVE...

6 days ago     28,905 Views    
scrap-wood-subwoofer-box-at-165db-extreme-car-audio-demos-loud-bass-boosted-dubstep-song 16:07

"Scrap Wood" SUBWOOFER BOX at 165DB!?!? EXTRE...

2 weeks ago     22,645 Views    
loud-car-bass-using-home-audio-subwoofers-and-20-sundown-8-inch-subs-in-a-huge-ported-box-install 10:29

Loud CAR BASS using HOME AUDIO Subwoofers!?! ...

3 weeks ago     21,120 Views    
best-budget-subwoofer-setup-i-ve-ever-seen-w-cheap-audiopipe-subs-competition-car-audio-demo 14:59

BEST "Budget" Subwoofer Setup I've EVER SEEN ...

1 month ago     16,682 Views    
breaking-a-1000-subwoofer-by-accident-the-stuff-you-don-t-see 12:11

Breaking a $1000 Subwoofer BY ACCIDENT... (th...

1 month ago     39,561 Views    
how-to-install-6x9-speakers-replace-stock-rear-deck-speaker-ring-adapters-installing-nvx-coaxial 17:39

How To INSTALL 6x9 Speakers & Replace Stock R...

1 month ago     20,471 Views    
rare-subwoofer-gets-blasted-w-12-bravox-sub-big-4th-order-bandpass-build-on-skar-audio-ddx-subs 12:08

RARE SUBWOOFER Gets Blasted w/ 12" BRAVOX Sub...

2 months ago     22,269 Views    
massive-audio-subs-w-4000-watt-bass-amp-install-12-inch-summo-xl-hippo-in-prefab-subwoofer-box 13:24

MASSIVE AUDIO SUBS w/ 4000 Watt BASS Amp Inst...

2 months ago     20,931 Views    
exposing-a-cheap-subwoofer-w-rockville-k9-version-2-vs-v1-blowing-subs-on-1000w-best-spl-test 31:48

EXPOSING a Cheap Subwoofer w/ Rockville K9 Ve...

2 months ago     27,044 Views    
how-to-install-a-line-output-converter-w-stock-radio-speakers-4-aftermarket-sub-amp-installation 15:01

How To INSTALL a Line Output Converter w/ Sto...

3 months ago     30,497 Views    
lady-hits-my-car-then-gets-in-trouble-exo-s-car-audio-build-hit-by-a-suv 10:12

LADY Hits My Car Then GETS IN TROUBLE... EXO'...

4 months ago     40,027 Views    
entry-level-extra-large-subwoofers-w-resilient-sounds-car-audio-subwoofer-review-10-12-15 20:32

Entry Level & EXTRA LARGE Subwoofers w/ Resil...

4 months ago     22,866 Views    
birthday-subwoofer-blasting-w-10-000-watt-car-audio-installation-massive-18-inch-platform-5-subs 17:11

BIRTHDAY Subwoofer Blasting w/ 10,000 Watt Ca...

4 months ago     26,599 Views    
the-new-truck-is-here-revealing-exo-s-huge-car-audio-project-vehicle-for-2019-system-install 12:18

THE NEW "TRUCK" IS HERE!!! Revealing EXO's HU...

5 months ago     27,390 Views    
exposing-the-secret-car-audio-plans-frankenstein-sound-system-update-removing-alternator-install 14:30

EXPOSING The Secret Car Audio Plans!!! Franke...

5 months ago     34,895 Views    
smelly-subwoofers-on-blast-4-orion-hcca-car-audio-subs-custom-bandpass-subwoofer-box-build 12:11

SMELLY Subwoofers on BLAST... 4 Orion HCCA Ca...

7 months ago     26,351 Views    
bamboo-subwoofer-box-huge-speaker-wire-crazy-car-audio-system-install-w-hcca-subwoofers 10:03

BAMBOO Subwoofer Box & HUGE Speaker Wire!?!? ...

8 months ago     63,033 Views    
blowing-8000-worth-of-subwoofers-the-biggest-subwoofer-blowout-ever-w-rare-18-speaker-blowouts 23:35

Blowing $8000 Worth of SUBWOOFERS!?! The BIGG...

10 months ago     47,496 Views    
choosing-the-best-speakers-for-custom-door-panels-planning-exo-s-b-car-audio-speaker-pod-build 11:01

Choosing The BEST Speakers for CUSTOM Door Pa...

11 months ago     27,049 Views    
finding-a-blown-alternator-installing-testing-most-powerful-high-output-alt-in-chevy-astro-van 18:57

Finding a BLOWN Alternator... Installing & Te...

11 months ago     50 Views    


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