James Freeman Livestreams

tucson-police-call-6-backup-units-for-cameras-then-blind-camera-with-light 10:57

Tucson Police Call 6 Backup Units for Cameras...

1 week ago     26,643 Views    
pima-county-sheriff-deputy-rodriguez-intimidation-fail-get-back-to-work 15:50

Pima County Sheriff Deputy Rodriguez Intimida...

2 weeks ago     18,600 Views    
federal-and-local-tyrant-duo-team-up-to-terrorize-camping-family 23:36

Federal And Local TYRANT Duo Team Up To Terro...

1 month ago     43,018 Views    
i-can-do-anything-i-wanna-do-i-m-a-police-officer-tyrant-alert 17:21

"I can do anything I wanna do, I'm a police o...

2 months ago     222,896 Views    
part-1-jerry-the-pr-nightmare-public-relations-officer-loses-it-over-public-relations 11:48

Part 1 - Jerry The PR Nightmare - Public Rela...

2 months ago     19,586 Views    
cop-trys-to-jeff-weinhaus-me-it-s-illegal-to-approach-a-cop-with-a-camera 20:42

Cop Trys To Jeff Weinhaus Me - It's Illegal T...

3 months ago     35,510 Views    
cedar-city-utah-part-2-piggie-directives 10:43

Cedar City Utah Part 2: Piggie Directives

3 months ago     26,829 Views    
sioux-falls-second-screw-up-in-a-week 12:52

Sioux Falls Second Screw Up In A Week

4 months ago     38,572 Views    
independence-missouri-pd-has-a-horrible-reputation-and-no-intent-to-fix-it 18:48

Independence Missouri PD Has A HORRIBLE reput...

5 months ago     31,736 Views    
liberty-missouri-complaint-form 11:11

Liberty Missouri Complaint Form

5 months ago     25,512 Views    
re-upload-okc-officer-burwell-flexing-his-tyranny-muscles-on-cop-watchers 07:24

RE-UPLOAD - OKC officer Burwell Flexing his t...

5 months ago     26,206 Views    
new-four-encounters-in-one-video-las-vegas-and-north-las-vegas 18:03

NEW! Four Encounters In One Video - Las Vega...

9 months ago     16,992 Views    
refusing-to-cooperate-with-investigation 13:29

Refusing to cooperate with investigation

9 months ago     17,126 Views    
short-edit-free-education-hosted-by-clash-with-bao-james-freeman-feat-las-vegas-finest 19:07

Short edit - Free education Hosted By Clash w...

10 months ago     19,266 Views    
city-of-arlington-water-utilities-and-pd 15:16

City of Arlington Water Utilities and PD

11 months ago     20,140 Views    


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