Conservative Twins

women-s-soccer-teams-fight-for-equal-pay 07:56

Women's soccer teams fight for equal pay

6 months ago     76,288 Views    
france-protests-and-the-yellow-vests-deep-anger-reveal-the-hypocrisy-at-the-of-the-green-agenda 02:17

France protests and the 'yellow vests’ deep a...

1 year ago     30 Views    
don-lemon-says-he-wouldn-t-have-shaken-trump-s-hand-at-george-bush-s-funeral 02:16

Don Lemon says he wouldn’t have shaken Trump’...

1 year ago     21 Views    
woman-accused-of-pouring-hot-grease-on-another-woman 03:20

Woman accused of pouring hot grease on anothe...

1 year ago     39 Views    
marc-lamont-hill-fired-from-cnn-after-his-speech 01:24

Marc Lamont Hill fired from CNN after his speech

1 year ago     28 Views    
michael-avenatti-denies-domestic-violence-allegations 02:39

Michael Avenatti denies domestic violence all...

1 year ago     11 Views    
liberal-douchebag-knocks-maga-hat-off-black-trump-supporter 01:23


1 year ago     1 Views    
sharpton-said-trump-used-young-blacks-as-props 01:39

Sharpton said Trump 'used' young blacks as 'p...

1 year ago     4 Views    
explosives-mailed-to-the-clintons-president-obama-cnn-george-soros-others 01:44

Explosives mailed to the Clintons , President...

1 year ago     3 Views    
our-reaction-to-senator-cory-booker-alleged-sexual-conduct-on-a-gay-man 03:04

Our Reaction To Senator Cory Booker Alleged S...

1 year ago     9 Views    
rosie-o-donnell-msnbc-interview-you-re-a-nazi-if-you-attend-a-trump-rally 03:04

Rosie O Donnell MSNBC Interview You're a 'Naz...

1 year ago     5 Views    
react-to-migrant-caravan-heading-for-us-clashes-with-police-in-mexico 03:08

React to Migrant caravan heading for US clash...

1 year ago     5 Views    
michael-avenatti-the-lawyer-for-stormy-daniels-response-to-president-donald-trump-s-tweet 03:17

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for Stormy Danie...

1 year ago     3 Views    
stormy-daniels-case-dismissed-against-president-trump 02:18

Stormy Daniels Case Dismissed Against Preside...

1 year ago     3 Views    


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