this-girl-drove-12-hours-to-meet-my-pitbull 20:40

This Girl Drove 12 Hours To Meet My Pitbull

1 year ago     111,436 Views    
pitbull-gets-peanut-butter-kong-makes-a-huge-mess 11:11

Pitbull Gets Peanut Butter Kong, Makes A Huge...

1 year ago     21,007 Views    
paddle-tire-in-the-california-desert-insane 24:34

Paddle Tire In The California Desert (Insane)

1 year ago     103,423 Views    
cooking-street-tacos-with-my-pitbull 06:37

Cooking Street Tacos With My Pitbull

1 year ago     19,875 Views    
hugging-my-pitbull-for-too-long 13:11

Hugging My Pitbull For Too Long

1 year ago     16,435 Views    
this-girl-loved-my-pitbull 11:43

This Girl Loved My Pitbull

1 year ago     121,382 Views    
taking-my-pitbull-on-a-7-hour-flight 12:51

Taking My Pitbull On A 7 Hour Flight

1 year ago     29,982 Views    
first-time-giving-my-pitbull-a-bath 18:20

First Time Giving My Pitbull A Bath

1 year ago     17,098 Views    
taking-my-pitbull-on-an-airplane 17:52

Taking My Pitbull On An Airplane

1 year ago     27,663 Views    
pitbull-high-after-the-vet 11:19

Pitbull High After The Vet

1 year ago     199,360 Views    
a-good-girl 15:52

a good girl

1 year ago     50 Views    
this-girl-loved-my-motorcycle 17:02

This girl loved my motorcycle

1 year ago     951,091 Views    
crashed-my-new-dirt-bike-injured-my-wrist 14:43

Crashed My New Dirt Bike & Injured My Wrist

1 year ago     38 Views    
letting-bails-run-free-for-the-first-time 14:57

Letting Bails Run Free For The First Time

1 year ago     107 Views    
pepe-s-rubber-chicken-burrito-food-review 13:50

Pepe's Rubber Chicken Burrito - Food Review

1 year ago     43 Views    
look-what-this-storm-did-to-my-town 12:40

Look What This Storm Did To My Town

1 year ago     23 Views    
ran-out-of-water-got-heat-stroke-in-the-desert-separated-from-the-group 18:39

Ran Out Of Water & Got Heat Stroke In The Des...

1 year ago     58 Views    
getting-kicked-out-of-this-car-show 09:58

Getting Kicked Out Of This Car Show

1 year ago     48 Views    
my-pitbull-challenged-me-to-a-lightsaber-battle 16:30

My Pitbull Challenged Me To A Lightsaber Battle

1 year ago     50 Views    
my-first-time-on-a-dirt-bike-track 08:50

My First Time On A Dirt Bike Track

1 year ago     49 Views    


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