Sebastian Williams

a-popular-youtuber-stole-jeffree-s-pr-package 03:11

a popular youtuber STOLE jeffree's PR package..

6 days ago     304,752 Views    
fans-complain-about-jeffree-s-concealer-shade-range 03:04

fans COMPLAIN about jeffree's concealer shade...

1 week ago     235,547 Views    
james-charles-is-yet-again-involved-in-drama-gurl 03:20

james charles is yet again involved in drama....

2 weeks ago     167,321 Views    
they-found-the-girl-who-stole-jeffree-s-concealers 03:15

they FOUND the girl who stole jeffree's conce...

2 weeks ago     100,150 Views    
laura-leech-copies-jeffree-star-s-new-palette 03:48

laura leech COPIES jeffree star's new palette

3 weeks ago     319,300 Views    
this-phrase-got-james-charles-in-trouble 02:26

this phrase got james charles in trouble...

3 weeks ago     131,073 Views    
the-problem-with-the-list-of-abh-cosmetics 03:22

the problem with "the list of ABH cosmetics"

3 weeks ago     253,477 Views    
beautyblender-just-ended-themselves-once-again 03:31

beautyblender just ended themselves (once again)

3 weeks ago     269,912 Views    
the-problem-with-relatable-youtubers-merch 03:26

the problem with "relatable" youtubers' merch...

4 weeks ago     146,686 Views    
emma-chamberlain-got-invited-to-paris-fashion-week 03:45

emma chamberlain got invited to paris fashion...

1 month ago     134,991 Views    
james-charles-forbids-nikkietuts-to-upload-her-video 03:10

james charles FORBIDS nikkietuts to upload he...

1 month ago     194,178 Views    
shane-dawson-responds-to-his-cat-scandal 05:40

shane dawson RESPONDS to his "cat scandal"

1 month ago     291,228 Views    
this-youtuber-scammed-a-university-and-sephora-drops-her 03:26

this youtuber scammed a university and sephor...

1 month ago     150,013 Views    
nikkietutorials-admits-having-too-many-affiliate-codes 04:35

nikkietutorials ADMITS having too many affili...

1 month ago     117,508 Views    
manny-mua-forced-to-move-out-of-his-house 02:48

manny mua FORCED to move out of his house?

1 month ago     224,263 Views    
james-charles-gets-banned-on-tinder 02:38

james charles gets banned on tinder...

1 month ago     147,589 Views    
jeffree-star-drags-kylie-jenner-yet-again 04:06

jeffree star DRAGS kylie jenner.. yet again

1 month ago     198,789 Views    
jeffree-star-calls-out-khloe-and-jordyn-they-re-all-liars 05:24

jeffree star CALLS OUT khloe and jordyn.. "th...

1 month ago     265,998 Views    
jeffree-star-draged-a-fan-responds-to-the-massive-hate-he-received 03:40

jeffree star DRAGED a fan & responds to the M...

1 month ago     168,184 Views    
zoella-scamming-her-fans-yet-again 05:16

zoella scamming her fans... yet again

1 month ago     201,007 Views    


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