Sebastian Williams

jeffree-star-drags-kylie-jenner-once-again 04:07

jeffree star DRAGS kylie jenner once again...

1 week ago     83,180 Views    
danielle-cohn-s-boyfriend-ran-away 03:25

danielle cohn's boyfriend ran away...

1 week ago     324,911 Views    
this-airline-lost-jeffree-s-60-000-birkin-bag 05:46

this airline lost jeffree's $60.000 birkin bag

2 weeks ago     100,845 Views    
another-beauty-guru-messed-up 03:28

another beauty guru messed up...

3 weeks ago     294,629 Views    
marlena-stell-drags-james-charles-for-being-disrespectful 04:30

marlena stell DRAGS james charles for being d...

3 weeks ago     85,928 Views    
people-are-refusing-to-accept-jaclyn-hill-s-refund 05:56

people are REFUSING to accept jaclyn hill's r...

3 weeks ago     160,937 Views    
jackie-aina-and-alissa-ashley-drag-this-makeup-brand 06:48

jackie aina and alissa ashley DRAG this makeu...

4 weeks ago     84,690 Views    
a-biochemist-exposed-jaclyn-hill 04:22

a biochemist EXPOSED jaclyn hill

1 month ago     499,213 Views    
the-truth-about-drama-channels 11:28

the TRUTH about drama channels...

1 month ago     99,880 Views    
lifewithmak-quits-youtube-here-s-why 10:33

LifeWithMak QUITS youtube... here's why

1 month ago     491,908 Views    
influencers-speak-up-against-jaclyn-s-lipsticks 04:33

influencers SPEAK UP against jaclyn's lipstic...

1 month ago     235,947 Views    
jaclyn-hill-releases-damaged-lipsticks 03:50

jaclyn hill releases DAMAGED lipsticks

1 month ago     94,482 Views    
this-brand-tried-to-end-a-girl-s-career-with-fake-comments 03:38

this brand tried to END a girl's career with ...

1 month ago     458,660 Views    
jeffree-gets-massive-hate-after-launching-lip-glosses 04:32

jeffree gets MASSIVE hate after launching lip...

1 month ago     429,090 Views    
theresa-roemer-dragged-jeffree-star-s-new-closet 04:07

theresa roemer DRAGGED jeffree star's new clo...

1 month ago     240,864 Views    
is-trisha-paytas-scamming-her-subscribers 05:34

is trisha paytas scamming her subscribers?

1 month ago     74,048 Views    
jaclyn-hill-gets-massive-hate-after-announcing-her-brand 03:39

jaclyn hill gets MASSIVE hate after announcin...

2 months ago     125,828 Views    
james-charles-responds-to-tati 13:15

james charles RESPONDS to tati

2 months ago     71,701 Views    
james-charles-faked-paparazzi-at-the-airport 04:32

james charles FAKED paparazzi at the airport?

2 months ago     241,838 Views    
gabriel-zamora-defends-james-charles-sis-stop 12:52

gabriel zamora DEFENDS james charles... sis stop

2 months ago     281,547 Views    


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