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curing-diseases-with-biotech-comes-at-a-huge-cost-the-jim-jefferies-show 04:36

Curing Diseases with Biotech Comes at a Huge ...

3 days ago     56,811 Views    
why-we-badly-need-bail-reform-in-america-the-jim-jefferies-show 05:31

Why We Badly Need Bail Reform in America - Th...

6 days ago     59,697 Views    
ancestry-tests-have-a-lot-of-issues-the-jim-jefferies-show 05:49

Ancestry Tests Have a Lot of Issues - The Jim...

1 week ago     184,556 Views    
how-the-nra-became-so-awful-the-jim-jefferies-show 06:25

How the NRA Became So Awful - The Jim Jefferi...

1 week ago     18,924 Views    
jim-catches-up-on-internet-outrage-the-jim-jefferies-show 04:35

Jim Catches Up on Internet Outrage - The Jim...

2 weeks ago     49,634 Views    
the-tsa-isn-t-actually-very-good-at-stopping-terrorism-the-jim-jefferies-show 06:08

The TSA Isn’t Actually Very Good at Stopping ...

3 weeks ago     52,235 Views    
the-rise-of-the-robots-the-jim-jefferies-show 04:36

The Rise of the Robots - The Jim Jefferies Show

3 weeks ago     44,043 Views    
insane-clown-posse-talks-political-protests-and-juggalos-the-jim-jefferies-show 05:44

Insane Clown Posse Talks Political Protests a...

1 month ago     40,109 Views    
the-american-work-ethic-is-completely-stupid-the-jim-jefferies-show 05:57

The American “Work Ethic” Is Completely Stupi...

1 month ago     73,789 Views    
no-we-re-not-all-going-to-live-on-mars-the-jim-jefferies-show 05:10

No, We’re Not All Going to Live on Mars - The...

1 month ago     36,590 Views    
even-condoms-are-connected-to-wi-fi-now-the-jim-jefferies-show 04:48

Even Condoms Are Connected to Wi-Fi Now - The...

1 month ago     113,581 Views    
what-s-with-all-these-racists-calling-the-cops-the-jim-jefferies-show 05:42

What’s With All These Racists Calling the Cop...

1 month ago     157,885 Views    
fixing-the-constitution-in-five-minutes-the-jim-jefferies-show 05:15

Fixing the Constitution in Five Minutes - The...

1 month ago     57,122 Views    
malin-akerman-takes-a-civics-test-the-jim-jefferies-show 06:54

Malin Akerman Takes a Civics Test - The Jim J...

1 month ago     129,581 Views    
america-s-drinking-age-makes-no-sense-the-jim-jefferies-show 06:36

America’s Drinking Age Makes No Sense - The J...

1 month ago     78,789 Views    
how-do-you-build-an-effective-protest-movement-the-jim-jefferies-show 03:55

How Do You Build an Effective Protest Movemen...

2 months ago     88,631 Views    
tackling-ireland-s-alcoholism-problem-the-jim-jefferies-show 05:12

Tackling Ireland’s Alcoholism Problem - The J...

2 months ago     49,334 Views    
a-rundown-of-why-everyone-is-so-sad-the-jim-jefferies-show 05:58

A Rundown of Why Everyone Is So Sad - The Jim...

2 months ago     23,245 Views    
how-do-you-get-people-to-act-on-climate-change-the-jim-jefferies-show 06:05

How Do You Get People to Act on Climate Chang...

2 months ago     50,088 Views    
talking-with-conspiracy-theorists-in-the-age-of-bulls-t-the-jim-jefferies-show 05:27

Talking with Conspiracy Theorists in the Age ...

2 months ago     156,271 Views    


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